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    Compare Windows 8 Editions

    I am very sad that Microsoft is taking away ability to use AppLocker from consumers... They are trying to convince Windows 8 Pro is the upgrade of Windows 7 Pro and Ultimate. However in reality it is no the case. The only reason I got windows 7 Ultimate was because I need all the function...
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    Free legal copy of Wndows 7, sort of

    Thank you. If it was this easy.. I already tried it. The thing is my system is configured in a very unusual way and culprit it either chrome's sandbox, flash, my gpu, integrity levels (sometimes flash wants to tun under medium integrity of rundle32, instead of chrome's low integrity...
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    Free legal copy of Wndows 7, sort of

    I guess they have fixed it, which is very nice. I received almost immediate response (within an hour) saying that they were looking into it and now you are reporting that you have been using it for a some time, means that they were really quick to fix bug in offcialy non-supported OS. :thumb...
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    YouTube Video Shows How "Real People" React To Windows 8

    We are obviously fake people :( Knew it, damn it... :cry:
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    Free legal copy of Wndows 7, sort of

    I dare you to install Macrium reflect free in Windows 8 CP ;) P.S. Please don't, I am just kidding. It will just send you into BSOD loop. (unless they have already fixed it, have reported it the day CP has came out. But as far as I can see on the Internet it sill has not been fixed). What I...
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    .exe that send key {win}? (to bring astart menu in touch)

    You are welcome, just ask if you need anything else.
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    .exe that send key {win}? (to bring astart menu in touch)

    You can make it yourself with autohotkey. (AutoHotkey - Free Mouse and Keyboard Macro Program with Hotkeys and AutoText, Choose AutoHotkey_L) Install it. Right click on your desktop and chose create new Autohotkey script. And paste this #c change to whatever you want. (# is Windows...
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    Windows 8 can block the BIOS ?

    Windows 8 can't lock BIOS per se. UEFI Secure boot that can lock down system into signed OSs is not Windows 8 feature, but UEFI feature. So, the power is mostly on the hands of OEM manufacturers. But in order to get Microsoft hardware certification, OEM have to comply with Windows...
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    Apps - Close in Windows 8

    I think the reason why Mail doesn't disappear from Task Manager is because of its background task. Try this, Start, write lock, switch into Settings and open Lock Screen. On Lock Screen apps click on Mail and chose don't display any badge here. Now, open Mail and close it with Alt+F4...
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    Found the Resource Monitor

    He meant in task manager. Open task manger switch into performance tab and in lower left there is a button to open resource monitor.
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    This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.

    You can have as many groups as you want. I think you mean rows?
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    Eliminate overbearing administrator permission requests?

    Don't worry. It seems like at some point it got changed for some reasons. But it didn't affect your program file or windows folders so it is not really big issue. It will just affect root and new folders on it. You can fix it or you can just ignore it.
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    Eliminate overbearing administrator permission requests?

    Most of his permissions seems to be default. Actually, It seems like that your permissions have been changed. Windows should not give full permission to users for root directory by default. On top of that it is giving full permission not just to the root but all subfolders and files. This is...
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    Any working (and free) AntiVirus for W8 CP?

    Jimbo, look here: How do I keep Windows 8 Consumer Preview secure from malware? - Microsoft Answers Also: Windows 8 Compatibility for Microsoft security essentials: Drivers, Updates, Downloads Also: As you can see Windows Defender in Windows 8 has Virus definition and uses...
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    Eliminate overbearing administrator permission requests?

    If you are trying all this under default UAC settings you should not look at administrative permission as UAC takes away administrative token and gives you user permission token, untill you approve to give admin token back (UAC prompt). Though in default UAC (one before the top one) it uses...