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    Safe Mode - Add to Desktop Context Menu in Windows

    Another great tutorial :thumbsup:
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    VirtualBox - Install Windows 8

    Yes it is running since when I edited the post linking the solution.
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    VirtualBox - Install Windows 8

    I gave it 2GB of RAM with my system running 4GB even though my system actually has 8GB :(. I allocated 40GB of disk space.
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    VirtualBox - Install Windows 8

    After Step 16 I get this error: After a couple more attempts, it goes to the fish then immediately shows the error. EDIT: This worked for me :) How to solve error 0xc0000260 in Windows 8 Consumer Preview
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    Windows 8 Consumer preview Released

    No luck on my end. Extremely unresponsive when trying to install a driver from the disk and in general. When trying to connect to the internet I get a BSOD (3 times in a row): And what's a fish got to do with Windows?
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    how to prevent computer to load devices?

    You will need to set the Hard Drive as 1st Boot Drive in BIOS: Press DEL/F10. There are many more, these are just examples. And a BIOS is usually Blue Background and White text.
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    No Wubi Linux Bootloader after Win8 Install

    Hi Guys, you may know me, I am Infinite from SevenForums. I have just registered an account here because I just installed Windows 8 Preview. Sure is gonna take a while to get used to :( But when I installed it (Windows 8 32 Bit DP), I now don't have the option to select Linux on my Boot (Linux...