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    Download over nine years of Microsoft security updates

    Read more: Download over nine years of Microsoft security updates in ISO format | Windows content from Windows IT Pro
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    Hackintosh 10.10 Yosemite VMware with "activation" issues

    Nope. Not something a PC site would worry about. Try searching Apple Support.
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    Solved How do I unlicense my Windows 8.1 with media center

    I have 2 systems which dual boot Windows 8.1 with Media Center and Windows 7 Ultimate. I want to unlicense the media center licence on both 8.1 OS and then remove the licenses for my 8.1 Pro so I can use them again at a later date. All 4 licences are retail. I will then install a copy of 7 Pro...
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    July 4th Boston

    If you remember A&E TV used to carry Pop goes the 4th and then the network was acquired by someone else and coverage stopped. You can find coverage from Boston here on a live stream in HD. July 4th
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    Cortana finally gives weather in Celsius based on weather

    The QUESTION should be why is the USA still using Fahrenheit temperature measurement? The USA got independence from the UK in 1776 yet still clings to an archaic measurements which are essentially the Old British Imperial System with a few tweaks here and there.
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    New February 2015 Updates for Windows Available

    Just a FYI (KB3001652) Update to Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office runtime seems to be stuck doing nothing for 30 mins on 3 of my machines. May want to skip that update and install it separately. One of the machine is a Windows 8.1 computer.
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    Optional Update KB3000850

    I have 8.1 Pro Media Center on 2 PC's dual booting with 7 Ultimate and on those machines 2x 8.1 Pro Virtual machines. I use (d) Avast on them all except on VM which is using MS Windows Defender. All of them seemed to update fine except for a large amount of house keeping for several hours after...
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    Optional Update KB3000850

    I think most if not all of the issues are with the disk crunching that is going on after the install. On my system with a 8 core FX 8350 it is running at a constant 25% CPU usage which would make a large number of dual core systems slow. Often after updates Windows will do some housekeeping and...
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    Netflix to attempt to block VPN even for SUBSCRIBERS

    I have been using that service for about 2 years and it is flawless. The price is in CDN $ not US $.
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    Netflix to attempt to block VPN even for SUBSCRIBERS

    OK while watching TOTP 2 from the past I logged into Netflix and it knows who I am and gave me this ? I was hoping for some British Telly instead of all the Yankee stuff.
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    Netflix to attempt to block VPN even for SUBSCRIBERS

    I never knew that and I have been a user of Netflix since it used to come in the DVD player box (14 years). So you mean I can log in over in Blighty and watch my whacky British shows? I'll have to try this right now,
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    Netflix to attempt to block VPN even for SUBSCRIBERS

    So I suppose you must subscribe to Mexican Netflix. What is that about 2 GBP per month?
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    Netflix to attempt to block VPN even for SUBSCRIBERS

    Mexican Netflix? Never knew about that. We have Netflix and Amazon Prime. We have also been using unblock us for a couple of years to get my British TV that is not on US PBS (most of it). What ever the content providers block there will always be a way around it somehow even if it means my...
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    Zoner Photo Studio: The best photo editor and organizer

    Free Give away download of popular image program
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    so i gutted my alienware x51 as the power board died had ?

    MS-7796 Andromeda R2 OEM MSI Motherboard 1150 Alienware X51 PGRP5 Fast/Free Ship Found this with Google. Seems as though MSI makes the board if that is the correct board and Dell did not use multiple boards in the same model