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    Secure boot on or off when installing Win 8 pro x64?

    Enable secureboot while installing Windows 8 x64. if you dont have 64 bit installation media then install with secureboot off.
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    inaccessible boot device. winload.exe error on booting up

    Looks like a MBR(Master Boot Record) problem. Insert your Windows disk, and Select repair your computer. Windows will identify the presence of any windows operating systems. and writes a new MBR.
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    Solved UEFI doesn't recognise my bootable USB device?

    Squints, For those who are stuck at booting OS ,your method will be suitable. But formatted my entire HDD. So I cant work it out in your method.But, Thanks for your post.
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    Solved On EFI systemsWin cannot instal on MBR partion table disk

    You have got into a same problem which i faced yesterday. Here is what i did. 1) Insert Windows DVD. You may use USB. 2)Select Language. 3)In Install now page, Press Ctrl+F10. (elevated command prompt opens) 4)Type : diskpart (diskpart loads) 5)Type : list disk (You will get the list of...
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    Envy x2 shipped with no OS - How to install?

    Yes. I own a hp. While installing Windows 8. It won't ask for any product key. I just asks for activation after installation. The product key might be bundled with the system. You said you purchased it now. So you need to get 64bit Windows installation image or DVD, and not 32bit. Or Else you...
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    Solved Stucked at bios menu... Windows 8....

    Enable legacy support (An Option which enables to boot Windows DVD with both BIOS and UEFI). Disable secureboot. This helps your BIOS to identify all the hardware s in your notebook without drivers. So continue with Windows installation. Prefer installing through DVD. Because modern notebooks...
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    Solved How to downgrade to win 7 without losing all partitions??

    There is no need to delete partition. Also Windows installation media doesn't have any option to downgrade. Use a Recovery disk or image that you have created while using Windows7 to recover with Windows Installation DVD/USB. Or else, Format the partition with Windows 8, and install Windows 7...
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    Solved UEFI doesn't recognise my bootable USB device?

    I have uploaded the screenshot of the Disk Management window.:cool: I need to split C: into two volumes. I will monitor it myself.:) Thank you for Help ,theog.:D:thumb::thumb::thumb:
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    Solved UEFI doesn't recognise my bootable USB device?

    When I chose shrink, Disk management scanned for shrink space available for 'C:' and finally produced aroung 573GB for 'C:'.How could i manage to reduce it to 300GB.
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    Solved UEFI doesn't recognise my bootable USB device?

    I am on mobile... I will get u screenshot in 5 hours... After downloading and installing drivers to my notebook.I here tell you details for now through DISKPART.Partition 1 Recovery 300MBPartition 2 System 100MBPartition 3 Reserved 128MBPartition 4 Primary 698GB
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    Solved UEFI doesn't recognise my bootable USB device?

    Bravo.... Thank you, theog. I finally got installed Windows 8 back with 5.89GB usable RAM. Thanks a lot. Final one question. Suggest me a simple third party software to partition my HDD."C:" has taken the whole HDD space. I want resize it to 300GB and Keep the remaining space for my important...
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    Solved UEFI doesn't recognise my bootable USB device?

    Just want to know a thing.Windows 8 installed flawlessly even without drivers when UEFI and Secureboot is disabled.But when UEFI and secureboot enabled, Windows needs SATA drivers. What actually a EFI does. Does it show HDD differently to Windows to make it require Driver.
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    Solved UEFI doesn't recognise my bootable USB device?

    Facing a new issue... "A media driver your computer needs is missing"...UEFI successfully booted my Windows 8 Pro x64 installation disk. While going to make partitions , it showed the above error. Is there really a driver to be installed. I dont know about SATA or IDE etc. and my Bios doesn't...
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    Solved UEFI doesn't recognise my bootable USB device?

    No I haven't created any Recovery media.:( I thought it wont be necessary. I never knew that my laptop have GPT partition tables ,running over UEFI and EaseUS Partition master is incompatible with it, before this incident. But I have Operating system installation image and a valid product key...
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    Solved UEFI doesn't recognise my bootable USB device?

    Here is what happened. I bought HP Envy dv6 7201tx (i5,6GB,2GB nVidia,750GB,Win8 Pro) I used EaseUS Partition manager to resize "C:" and create a new partition in my notebook. Unfortunately it failed after restart.:shock: And windows failed to load and UEFI told that boot not found.:confused...