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    Keep One Change One [9]

    wax candle
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    Keep One Change One [8]

    Sesame Seed
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    can still taste the black

    So funny! Ahhh, the good old days. . .
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    Last Good Movie You Watched?

    I've been checking out all of the Oscar nominated films: Thought These Were Great: Argo, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Silver Linings Playbook, Lincoln (although it wasn't my personal cup of tea), Life of Pi and Les Miserables OK But Disappointing: Zero Dark Thirty Hated: Amour...
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    Keep One Change One [8]

    Bad Boy
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    A book for Christmas

    This book has gotten excellent reviews + is available on Amazon.com: Windows 8 Secrets – Paul Thurrott - on sale now - $24.24 on Amazon.com
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    Internet Explorer Sucks

    LOVED the tag line: [www.TheBrowserYouLoveToHate.com]. So funny!!!! Good for you, Microsoft!
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    Keep One Change One [7]

    Home Made
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    Keep One Change One [7]

    Donut hole
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    What made you pick your screen name?

    I'm totally imperfect so the name fits.
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    Keep One Change One [7]

    Fire Drill
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    C'mon Guys -- Land of the Free and THIS B/S

    I'm not condoning the government's banning of super-sized sodas in NY, because I agree that it's not the government's place to dictate what we eat/drink. However, I do understand the REASONING behind the ban --- in addition to genuinely trying to take a first step in helping the obesity problem...
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    Word Association [6]

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    Word Association [6]

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    Keep One Change One [7]

    World Reknowned