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    Windows Update Error Code 80244019 Issues.

    I'm assuming there is given what I've done to 'try' and fix the issue, only for it to fix itself after about half an hour. I eventually just done even try all the methods and just wait half an hour now cause I'm darned sure its not on my end now.
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    Error 80244019 - Windows could not search for new updates

    I've been having a similar issue a few times recently, I notice that maybe after a half hour I can just run a manual check I can get up to date. I've been getting it on manual and the automatic one that happens on first boot of my computer. I'm going to assume its an issue on Microsoft's servers...
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    How do I rebuild a Pagefile?

    I currently have 32GB of RAM installed on my computer, my OS is on a SSD. I updated to the latest version of chrome and today I had a BSOD related to I think some issue in the latest version of chrome (Chrome would hang and then my Video Card driver crashed and recovered, the BSOD happened the...
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    Windows Update Error Code 80244019 Issues.

    The issue is now back. It worked fine for a day, then this morning it happened again. I tried messing with the microsoft products update settings to see if that'd fix it? Nope. In fact it made my hidden updates disappear entirely and claim I hadn't checked for updates ever. What the heck is...
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    Windows Update Error Code 80244019 Issues.

    So this morning I opened my Windows Update tab to check that it had checked for Updates that morning. It hadn't. Okay. Check for updates. Get an error. Error Code 80244019. Okay restart Nothing. Nothing. Mess with 'Give me updates for Microsoft products' setting. Still nothing. Mess with 'give...
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    Will Windows 10 be forced even if I didn't reserve?

    :/ Wow. Given how it's a 3GB freaking download, I don't think I should have to put up with that crap. Wait... you installed the update that added the GWX task? Why don't you just... uninstall it?
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    Will Windows 10 be forced even if I didn't reserve?

    Would hope so, it was just the way they said it, about how he was forced to do something to stop it. :/ Still... I hope I don't have Windows 8.1 downloading Windows 10 on me if I download all the updates except the GWX one. That's not going to be fun considering Australian internet. :x
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    Will Windows 10 be forced even if I didn't reserve?

    Wait, so your Windows tried to force download Windows 10 on your computer despite you not reserving it? O_O
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    Will Windows 10 be forced even if I didn't reserve?

    Pretty much the title. From what I've heard and read, Windows 10 just isn't for me. However I'm building a computer in September, which is going to be running Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit. However I'm concerned after hearing about one guy, who didn't even reserve Windows 10, having Windows 10 be...
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    KB3035583 appeared in Windows Update, already installed?

    Urgh, yeah. I had uninstalled this update in the past and had hidden it. Hey Microsoft? If I hide an update, don't try and redownload it if you push it out again. Hoping I didn't cause and issues cause I recognised the KB number and uninstalled straight after I installed it then hid it on the...
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    How do I set up an SSD+HDD Win 8.1 UEFI install properly?

    So it's literally as easy as just plugging in the HDD? O_O
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    How do I set up an SSD+HDD Win 8.1 UEFI install properly?

    This is just for future reference so I can write stuff down. I already know HOW to install Windows 8.1 in UEFI Mode to an SSD, but there's something that I don't understand and I need specifics on it. Building a computer in the future, yay, and gonna run it with an 120GB SSD as a boot drive and...
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    June 9th 2015 Windows Updates

    All seems to have gone well for me, other than the Windows Update process remaining running (and starting back up after killing the process...) after the updates were finished and having to disable Automatic Updates and re-enable them to stop the process so it resumes its original behaviour of...
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    Get Windows 10 Shows Up In Taskbar?

    I'm just bugged to be honest that there's no option to disable the notification in the context menu like really? I ended up just removing the update because I don't wanna waste system resources on that. Plus like, my current computer's motherboard doesn't support UEFI and supposedly Windows 10...