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    Solved Can't Extend Partition

    This is now sorted. Ended up stumbling across this post Solved - Can't Extend Volume and there was a suggestion in there that worked ...
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    Solved Can't Extend Volume

    Hi, thank you for sharing this (I know it was awhile back) but I was just having this issue and found your post and it worked perfectly after some other software wouldn't work. Thank you :)
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    Solved Can't Extend Partition

    Awhile back I created a 150GB partition on my HDD on my laptop. I am now trying to remove it and extend my C Drive with that. However I am not being given the option to extend the HDD only Shrink it further. What can I do to get my HDD back to its original size. Thanks
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    Windows Update doesn't work

    Maybe this is the page you are looking for to help.