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    Themes for 64bit GIMP on Windows

    Thanks Cliff! My bad, that link was dead for quite some time now. :o Just in case, I've updated the version to my x64-only 2.8.14 themed pack, all from previous version, and more, is included. Skydrive link fixed. Cheers!
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    Themes for 64bit GIMP on Windows

    You're welcome!
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    Themes for 64bit GIMP on Windows

    Hi there, What post number / which page are you referring to?
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    Today [2]

    Today... Well, logged back on EightForums. :party: There isn't much movement. Like back in the glory days. We could call this one "This month".
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    Solved Classic Theme on Windows 8

    @Anixx Congrats! Looks old... but not obsolete! :cool:
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    Solved Google Chrome browser tabs opening with ads

    You can sort the list on the CPU tab to put the highest usage first. From the screenshot, there is an update of Avira taking place there below. Scanners can use some resources indeed; using multiple scanners/antivirus engines simultaneously is not recommended.
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    Self-made Windows 8 Wallpapers

    Nice work Cliff! I'm still subscribed...
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    Self-made Windows 8 Wallpapers

    I wasn't here in a while, got Keith's great walls from TenForums. :cool: Win7 should be able to open *.themepack files; it's those *.deskthemepack files made for Win8 and 10 that don't work. Reg should do it... Maybe you guys know it by now; there is another way: themapacks and deskthemepacks...
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    Solved Custom Cursors

    Nice to hear that Cliff! Enjoy using the cursors. :)
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    Special Themes (AeroLite and High Contrast variations)

    Here is a less darker theme. There were some requests but none of those themes. HC-SilverSteel Still based on the HC-Midnight series, the one that started this thread. This one was made after experimenting with gray backgrounds in Win10 . More info on this here: Solved Windows 10 Themes...
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    Windows 8.1 absurd

    You're welcome. You can keep Windows 7 for as long as you like. However it will, one day, reach the end of support just like any version before it.
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    Windows 8.1 absurd

    I've run across the theme issue in the past as well. I'll try to be as clear as possible answering this: Simply said: Microsoft doesn't support or encourage the creation of complex themes like most on deviantart because to be able to fully change the color on some gui elements, extra files...
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    Windows 8 and Red Alert 2 Yuri

    Welcome to the forums! Try the good-old wsock32 udp patch for the game: Cheers! Hopachi
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    old games are very slow

    I'll have to agree. But imaging is one of the first steps. I don't know much about the technique yet. We have to wait to see it in action with some examples. Just noted as a theoretical possibility. If App-V could virtualize old basic directx/directdraw it would be extremely useful in...
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    old games are very slow

    Project Centennial - App-V When it will be released, this will solve most of the issues with old programs: convert them to an app: