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    Slow Boot Black Screen After Windows Logo

    Hello Tcabin01, Does your computer bios currently load in EUFI mode? if so have you tried running in legacy? how to: http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/29504-bios-mode-see-if-windows-boot-uefi-legacy-mode.html Hope that helps! Cheers, Harry
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    Windows Server 2012: User Profile Service Error

    Hi Benjamin, I do not have the ability to remote in to my Windows Server 2012 box atm but have you tried this tutorial: http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/38817-you-ve-been-signed-temporary-profile-fix.html Hope that helps! Cheers, Harry
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    Solved Two user accounts

    glad you got it solved :) seemed like a good learning experience! :cool: Cheers, Harry
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    Hyper-V Enhanced Session Mode - Turn On or Off

    Thank you! hope it comes in helpful :) Cheers, Harry
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    Solved Games will not open

    :) glad I could point you in the right direction! Have a great day. Cheers, Harry
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    Solved Games will not open

    Hi John, Hope is well! Please have a look at this tutorial and work your way through the different troubleshooting items. You will also find under section 21 how to uninstall and reinstall store apps...
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    Solved Two user accounts

    Hi Dude, This is normal Behaviour :) Quote from Shawn's Tutorial comments: Hope that helps :) Cheers, Harry
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    Solved creating scripts

    Hi Jamos, Hope all is well! A simple way to do this would be bring up notepad application: Type in: Ipconfig /flushdns Then go File > save as > drop "Save as type" to "all Files" then in filename type for example "Flushdns.bat" You just need to make sure it runs as a BAT file. If you...
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    restrict software

    Hi S152, Welcome to the forum :) Does the same thing happen when you right click the exe and run as administrator? Cheers, Harry
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    Hibernate 8

    Hey This might help answer your questions: Hope that helps, Cheers, Harry
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    Solved Win 8/8.1 Pg Timeout Too Often / Page Cannot Be Displayed

    Hi Emtr, Hope all is well! Please take a look at these troubleshooting steps: "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" error Also have you tried on any other browser other than IE? if so are the results the same? Cheers, Harry
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    Mail signature not active

    Do you have any other email accounts synced with Windows 8 mail app? and If so does the signature work? have you tried removing and then adding the account back in to the mail app? Cheers, Harry
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    Mail signature not active

    Hello Rozyjazz, At this moment in time the signature does not support Rich text/ HTML input. You should be able to put all your information and you can type your URL in plain text and the email account you are sending it to can have the intelligence to work out that it needs to hyperlinked...
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    Solved reinstalling win 8.1

    Hi Tony128, Welcome to the forum :) From a Browser try typing this in to the URL: ms-windows-store:WindowsUpgrade If this does not work please can you run through the steps on this link : Why can't I find the update in the Store? - Microsoft Windows Help Hope that helps! Cheers, Harry
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    Solved Cannot Move Cursor While Typing

    Hi Jlrock, Cheers, Harry