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    Finding the Root HDD of a VHD

    LOL. I felt this should have been a walk in the park given that I am fairly knowledgeable with Disk Management (or DISKPART for my 'keepin it real OG' CLI buddies) and I am stuck scratching my head and laughing at myself. This honestly feels like child's play; guess I'm just a little...
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    Can't run Microsoft's Flight Simuilator 9 on Windows 8.1

    Just a little suggestion: Provide us with some insight to the specificity of your personal case. Some examples (or at least what I would have done): Try starting FS9.EXE (or whatever the shortcut on your desktop is) with admin rights (right click and 'start with admin...') Use snipping tool...
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    Is there a faster way to open text files as administrator?

    The Real Way As the previous user mentioned you can keep a file open in Notepad++ but you'd still have to open it elevated every time. The real way to do this is to use Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit. There you can create a database (custom location that holds your fixes) and...