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    Can't find the option to burn an ISO disk

    Just to sum up a few things I read within this thread: - if you got the option "install later", just choose it. The upgrade wizard is build in a manner, that it can resume on the step, where it was interrupted. - You will find a shortcut "Download Windows 8" or similar on your desktop, that...
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    Solved A cure for the "Windows to go workspace bug"

    I've searched the net, but I found no other English article about that issue so far. Thought, I let this community partizipate into my findings. What's the beef? Although Windows 8 Pro doesn't supports Windows To Go, some users in German MS Answers Forum reported issues with "Windows To Go...
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    Windows 7 Pro to Windows 8 Pro Upgrade won't complete

    Concerning a few questions raised in this thread. - the black screen thing: it's a bug in Intel HD graphics driver (AFAIK) - and some Nvidia graphic cards are causing this issue - the install hangs issue: I have identified in German MS answers forum a couple of users with one thing in common...
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    "Windows 8 installation unsuccessful, reverting back to previous versi

    I would suggest, to have a look into my article below, how to trouble shoot upgrade issues. Maybe it helps to track it down. 1: Windows 8 Upgrade-Failure troubleshooting and analysis « Borns IT- & Windows-Blog
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    Solved Stuck at 35%

    Well, that's not the worsest recommendation. As a MS Answers community mod I came yesterday across a thread, where a users found his issue with my help. It seems that some upgrades are ending with an undefined path to IE temporary folder - so Downloads in IE, Metro Apps, Access to store and...
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    Customized User Profile Issue - Metro Apps not working

    I'm not sure, whether I'm pointing in the right direction. I've had just a short view of one of my books I've written - then did a short search. I did like to point you to this English article: What is the Windows Integrity Mechanism? It's dedicated to WIn Vista, but described the new security...
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    Apps Not Working

    Well, that's not "interesting", it is not unlikely. Here in German Micrsoft Answers Forum we (the mods) are suggesting an uninstall of Nvidia software before Win 8 Upgrade. The reason - beside the simple driver, the installer package came with some additional components - some implemented as...
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    Can't upgrade Xp pro 64bit to win 8pro

    AFAIK, Windows XP SP3 isn't out for 64 Bit yet. Only a clean install is the solution - but the user can't download it from wizard. My recommendation is, to order install media that should contain 32 and 64 bit DVD. But you should be sure, that your hardware is good for 64 bit Win 8 Pro (signed...
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    Apps Not Working

    It seems to me that from "it worked after refreshing" and "it failed suddently", something bad hapended. Did you installed something?
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    Windows 8 Pro installation freezes

    You can try to look into the log files to find out the source of your trouble (see here)
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    Customized User Profile Issue - Metro Apps not working

    I'm not sure, that registry keys will do the trick. AFAIK it's a security issue. Apps are storing some data in user profile - and this requires access rights to trusted level low. Moving user profiles doesn't grants this trusted level to the target folder. Maybe there is also some other limit...
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    Solved Stuck at 35%

    You can try to analyze log files using this article - maybe you get a clue what's the cause of your trouble.
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    Can't get past "Enter password to login onto network (go online)"

    Within a network (accessing a workgroup share), you need the user name and password used on the network machine.
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    Windows 8 Installation on HP 630 Laptop

    Probably it's a good idea to ask HP
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    anyway to install from formatted drive ?

    Yes - I gave hint's in this article.