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  1. g3rArD11

    Build 7955 query

    Thank you sir for the warm welcome......... :D and Thank you for the tutorial... btw sir i have a main OS the Windows 7, sir can i uninstall my main OS the windows 7 and install the windows 8 beta??
  2. g3rArD11

    Build 7955 query

    Sir, i have the windows 8 beta 7955 installer.... please teach me how to install it with dual boot... please sir... thanks in advance... :D
  3. g3rArD11

    Windows 8 - 7955 Leaked

    Sir, can i use windows 8 in my laptop? my laptop have the spec of "windows 7 Ultimate x32bit" with 2gb RAM memory card, 512Mb video card, and Pentium (R) Dual Core CPU T4500 2.30GHz. The total size of my hard disk is 298gb, the DISK (C) has 97.5 gb and my Disk (D) has 200gb. My graphics card is...