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  1. flexx17

    What annoys you?

    frequent power outages here in Jamaica
  2. flexx17

    Unable to connect to wireless network

    um while u were using win7.....were u able 2 connect normally or u had 2 connect by manually adding the nework?
  3. flexx17

    Show Us Your Rig!

    some super impressive rigs so far....here's my budget Rig.....(holding off till BD n ATi's 7000 series cards come out) yeah i kno my stock cooler looks gay:sad:
  4. flexx17

    Solved Rep and badges

    o kool...thanks :thumb:
  5. flexx17

    Solved Rep and badges

    shouldnt this post be updated with the current rep+badges i c members with......or maybe im missing the thread with that info:think:
  6. flexx17


    right now its hot as hell here in Jamaica.....i feel like partitioning my laptops 320 gb hdd into 3x100gb so i can run Win8+Win7 n the rest for storage....but 1st.....2 backup 280GB+ of data :banghead:
  7. flexx17

    Show us your Developer METRO UI

    will edit post when i install more apps on this pc.....(not ma main rig)
  8. flexx17

    Solved Installation appears stuck before installer interface

    yup most likely ur prob....try switching between AHCI, RAID & IDE
  9. flexx17

    Start Button

    nope nothing like that happens 2 me
  10. flexx17

    Windows 8 stable enough?

    hmm well i'd say it depends on what u call stable....cause IMO stable means no or minimal crashing..... PS all my normal apps run seamlessly on Win 8 the only thing ive noticed is inconsistent boot times....sometimes lightening fast @ others 3-5 times the usual
  11. flexx17

    Show us your WEI

    here's mine :D :
  12. flexx17

    WIN + Tab doesn't work but ALT + Tab does

    man i loved that feature....hopefully it will be back in the final release
  13. flexx17

    Welcome to Eight Forums

    nice 2 find a comprehensive dedicated forum for Win 8 :D