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    I've got more toys than you have!

    Ummmmmmm, think I lost :-( :-)
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    I've got more toys than you have!

    I'm a collector of toys - computers, tablets, mp3 etc. Thought it would be neat to understand how I rank in the toy department when compared to others - might be embarrassing but -- If you want to just count that would be fine or list them if you'd rather. Lenovo all in one B320 (main)...
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    Nokia Lumia Icon Windows 8.1

    I bought a 520 few weeks ago to use as a pocket pc and it updated right away in the US. Nice little unit for cheap. Have had no problems with it on wifi and it syncs well with outlook calendar and one note via wifi :-)
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    New Arrival

    Come on, a kid! I thought with that headline Lenovo was announcing something fun - a kid - really, well better than a new computer I guess - congrats, they are tons of fun - besides what else are kids good for besides grandkids? :-) Hope you are close enough to enjoy them!
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    Would you rather have a Windows 8 tablet or Laptop?

    Have an acer w700p and works nicely for most stuff but a real pain to type on the onscreen keyboard. Have to dig out the bt mouse for some programs - you can't get the touch to react to the scroll arrows :-( but for surfing and goofing around it is great. Have a netbook to take with if I am...
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    How to use a NAS with Win 8

    You can use it anyway that you want. What you have described is fine. If you have videos/music that everyone uses put them in the public folder in any set up you like. Then each user can have a folder that is locked with a password or not locked as you like. Within that you can set it up...
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    Disk usage spikes when nothing is running

    Is defender or other software doing a disk scan?
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    Disk usage spikes when nothing is running

    Go to processes and see if you can find what program is running. Auto indexing can run things if you have just installed windows or if you have installed a lot of new data/programs. You may have malware as well. You might open control panel/programs and look through the list and see if you...
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    Keeping old stuff

    I copied dos and win 3.1 and following to hard drive and all is still around. Have a cast iron griddle I cooked pancakes on in the 40's. When working in WY in late 1990's the bookkeeper was using dos machine and 8" floppies :-) Never missed a check!
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    Solved How to get rid of a external mouse?

    "How to get rid of a external mouse?" Set a mouse trap outside? :-) You should be able to go to control panel/device manager and find the mouse and uninstall it HOWEVER, many track pads in my past show up as a mouse and the settings are found in control panel/mouse so be sure this isn't your...
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    Microsofy Office install problem

    you should be able to locate the exe files - right click and make an icon or tack one to the task bar. if you create one move it to the taskbar. Runs in my mind it is word.exe for word.
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    Why didn't I think of that :-)
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    I have various ways of irritating phone idiots. Often I just scream as loud as I can and hang up. Other times when I get a tape first I answer Salem Police department. Other times I just say, "You are a liar, get off my phone." If they say how can I help you, I just say, "Oh, I'm just...
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    Attn: Homegroup help please!!

    Assume you have right clicked on main drive of laptops/properties/sharing and shared the drives. If that isn't enough in security you might need to set permissions.
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    Attn: Homegroup help please!!

    Don't know if this is your problem or not. I had a desktop and added two laptops to the network and had fits. I found that both laptops set up a home group but not the same one. Yours may have set up okay from what you said. I finally had to delete the homegroups on the two laptops and then...