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    Win8.1 waking up from hibernation .... waiting forever

    you could try contacting the manufacturer of the laptop to see if a bios/firmware update would fix some of the hibernation problems I almost rarely use the hibernation feature on my dad's toshiba satellite c55dt laptop with win8.1 and it already had the latest bios for that model and in those...
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    Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version for Windows 8

    newer 2019 Realtek HDA FFxx drivers on github (these are compatible with Win8.x): 6.0.8838.1 FF00 & FF01 (11/12/2019) 6.0.8821.1 FF00 & FF06 (10/22/2019) 6.0.8816.1 FF03 (10/15/2019) 6.0.8781.1 FF00 & FF0C (8/20/2019) 6.0.8773.1 FF04 (8/06/2019) 6.0.8703.1 FF00-FF10 (5/14/2019), this is...
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    Latest Google Chrome Released for Windows

    I stayed away from using this specific 78 version because it had the "aw snap" crashing problems with certain AV software like Symantec as documented in this google forum thread. by now Symantec & others should have released new software updates that should work & not conflict with Chrome 78...
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    Windows Update looking for updates for almost 24 hours. Is this normal?

    OR if you somehow don't like installing rollup updates like KB3172614, try installing the KB3138615 update instead
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    Win update problems

    it seems for your situation you will need to re-install Win8.1 via "in-place" upgrade as dism.exe does not seem to fix your problem
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    Win Updates runs for hours, finds nothing.

    actually guys the WU forever problem in Win8.1 is permanently fixed by installing either KB3161606 or KB3172614 rollup update, which include the WU fixes from KB3138615 (meaning the KB3161606 & KB3172614 updates supersede/replace KB3138615) install the KB3172614 update from any of these links...
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    Windows Update looking for updates for almost 24 hours. Is this normal?

    follow the directions to "speed up" windows update searching in win8.1 on this site: Search for Windows Updates takes forever? - A possible solution you need to manually download & install at least the KB3172614 rollup update (not from windows update but from the ms update catalog instead) and...
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    Latest CCleaner Version Released

    way too old for that, Nick-072. use v5.32.6129 instead from Filehippo, which was the last version before avast bought Piriform. note to Brink: v5.60.7307 of CCleaner released July 16.
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    Is Startmenux safe ?

    where are you getting the Start Menu X program, rufford155? did you get it from here? if so, contact the maker of the program and inform them that the Malwarebytes app is detecting their software as suspicious. maybe even report the problem in the Malwarebytes forum as well.
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    Realtek RTL8723BE network adapter issue.

    try this updated RTL8723BE Wifi driver from Station drivers (v2023.79.0918.2018 for Win7/8.1 dated 9/18/2018)
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    No sound in some website videos + Confused about Drivers

    those are "expected behavior" (aka. by design) in Win8/8.1, rufford155. you should only be concerned with the Sound, video and game controllers section of Device Manager and not pay any attention to anything listed in the Audio inputs and outputs section (any audio inputs/outputs listed there...
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    Latest Version of Adobe Flash Player

    I need to point out that the v32.0.0.223 Flash Player version is a non-security release as it only contains some new bug fixes but does not fix any new security vulnerabilities as noted in the Flash Player 32 release notes. Also Microsoft has not yet issued this new version for Windows 8.x & 10...
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    Latest Logitech SetPoint Software

    I just wanted to comment that the Logitech Setpoint downloads are now found at support.logi.com instead of the old Logitech support site
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    No sound in some website videos + Confused about Drivers

    perhaps update Realtek audio driver from to either v6.0.1.8323 or v6.0.1.8485 from ASUS.
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    Not sure if system is UEFI capable

    my dad has a Toshiba touchscreen laptop (C55Dt-A5306) [the System SKU is PSCFWU] that is definitely UEFI capable (with pre-installed Win8.1 home) though I plug the usb stick to the left side usb 2.0 port for that to be bootable as it may not boot from a usb 3.0 port