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    GDI Generic?

    My PC had ATI Mobility Radeon 4500HD, I download the driver from support.amd.com and installed it, but strange problem happened when I wanted to play some games with it. when the game launcher opened, the graphic card shows GDI Generic, when I clicked at "Detect", it says "Card is not listed...
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    would deleting Windows 8 recover Windows 7?

    doesn't work, and I only have 1 HDD, and my Windows 8 Partition is Primary
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    List of Games Working with Windows 8 Developer Preview

    Portal 2 works smoothly in my PC, but have strange GDI Generic OpenGL 1.1 Problem with ATi.
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    would deleting Windows 8 recover Windows 7?

    I have problem with my Windows 7 since Windows 8 installed to my PC I did repair with Command Prompt from Windows 7 Installation Disc but it's no good. but, I have strange problem with this command bootrec /ScanOS bootrec /rebuildbcd This is strange since my Windows installations is 2, it's...