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    RSS option to subscribe ?

    ohhh my bad, actually i didn't try the categories rather i tried the top link to Tutorials. I agree with you about ugly icon ;)
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    Windows 8 installed in under 8 minutes – and other features surface…

    It took 8 minutes at their system. In any case, it is 2.5 times less than time for Windows 7 with same specs
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    RSS option to subscribe ?

    Whole feed of the forum is too Generic. I was asking for this type of separate feeds
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    Good news for those hoping for a leak, and some screenshots

    We are going to ask. by the way only 2 days are left. Let's see Ohhhhh My bad as you are already Banned
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    RSS option to subscribe ?

    I think that it would be beneficial for many users if Admin can set up some RSS Feeds for main categories in Forums and Tutorials. This is my suggestion. Is it Possible ?
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    Possible leak :D

    Technical previews are likely to begin in Spring ? Why Spring is so late :sad: