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    Solved Intermittent FPS drops, GPU not running hot

    Hi OdinWolfe, What kind of graphics card are you using? Also have you tried different graphics settings in the games? e.g. set the graphics to low and see if the drops still happen
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    Solved AMD Catalyst Control Center does not open (show settings)

    What happens when you try to open CCC? Does it crash? Have you tried running it as an admin?
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    Integrated Webcam on Lenovo Ideapad S300 not working.

    Have you tried running the camera in the Lenovo application? Does that display the image? Or is it just a black screen? There is a possibility it could be the web cam. I have a sneaky suspicion that if the Lenovo applications are installed and running it cannot use the web cam, as the other...
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    best flash browser

    I think you pretty much have answered your own question with this post, I personally think Chrome is the best, as I have experienced several issues with FireFox myself. IE11 wasn't actually all that bad, it is just some of the other features that I dislike. Have you tried re-installing Chrome...
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    IE 11.X 64 bit and SiverLight

    I think this is normal as my IE 11 does the same thing, it might be a full screen setting for IE, this is when using Netflix. But I got around this problem by using Chrome. I will have a look when I get home and check my machine
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    Unexplained temporary memory leak

    Could be a dodgy address range on a RAM stick, how many sticks do you have? If you have multiple ones have you tried taking one out and running with just one stick? It might help identify a troublesome stick. Could be worth trying a memory test, Memtest x86 is one of the best for this sort of...
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    Integrated Webcam on Lenovo Ideapad S300 not working.

    Have you tried re-installing the webcam driver? I have a Lenovo at home and mine was ok when I upgraded, but I removed all the Lenovo drivers for the webcam. (As I hate all the rubbish companies put onto new equipment) Also when you run the camera app does it detect a camera? Usually Windows 8...
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    Would you rather have a Windows 8 tablet or Laptop?

    I have a Surface Pro 2, it is quite heavy for a tablet but its portability makes it so much better than most laptops. The touch screen is really good with Win8.1, but like mentioned in other posts not all applications play nice with the touch screen, which is a shame. And I cannot play Faster...
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    major laptop windows 8 installation issues

    Yeah Bitlocker is a Microsoft encryption tool that is enabled from within Windows to protect the harddrive from theft etc. To disable it you will need the pass key, log into Windows, and disable the encryption from there. But without the passkey I don't think you will get very far...
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    can you force earlier drivers in windows 8.1?

    You can also do a roll-back from the Device manager if you have installed a newer driver that is faulty or causing problems.
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    Major fps drops while playing games

    What level are you setting the graphics card at? Have you tried the lowest settings in all games? See what average FPS you get there. I doubt your CPU is to blame as you would suffer multiple BSODs and other issues from that. I know that the 6 series is still ok graphic wise, but they are a...
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    mouse and touch pad stopped working

    Thanks for the reply, when you turn on your laptop try hitting F1, F8, or F10. I am unfamiliar with the HP Pavilion BIOS so you may have to have a look around, if it is present in the BIOS it will be something like "Internal Touch pad" or similar. It might also be worth like Ztruker suggested...
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    mouse and touch pad stopped working

    Hi ProcuradorGeral, So in your control panel under mouse does it have a touch pad at all? Is it enabled in the BIOS, as I know some laptops give you that option to disable it. By mouse stopped working do you have an external mouse? Is it USB? Regards Ending