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    64-bit Firefox poised to launch in the near future

    As an update .. I am now running Firefox 32 bit again, exactly for the reason above. I think just better support there. I really never noticed ANY difference between the 32 bit and 64 bit browsers. So .. 32 bit Firefox it will be until they release the 64 bit version.
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    64-bit Firefox poised to launch in the near future

    Just run Waterfox .. 64 bit and identical to Firefox. You can do it right now. I did and I was pleasantly surprised.
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    Windows 9 FREE for Windows 8.x users

    Guess it is not Windows 9 at all. Microsoft's next OS is Windows 10
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    Hard Drive Reliability Update – Sep 2014

    My worst drives have always been Western Digital. I try to stay away from them now.
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    Restart Time

    I got 53 seconds. Windows 8.1 on an SSD drive.
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    Why Are PC Sales Up And Tablet Sales Down?

    Well yes .. I do other things too. But that is a major part of what I do on my pc. I couldn't imagine doing it any other way. I have played with my sisters iPad .. didn't really like it that much. :shock:
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    Why Are PC Sales Up And Tablet Sales Down?

    Cause I use a pc .. and could never do what I do on a tablet. I do software development .. and good luck on a tablet. I would throw it through the window and go back to my pc. There are just some things that they suck at .. and honestly if someone wanted to give me a tablet for free .. I would...
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    Solved Programs appearing twice in taskbar

    I had the same problem but I cannot remember how I fixed it. It definitely was kinda annoying to me too. It was something about making the shortcut from the actual exe and pinning that, rather than pinning a shortcut from the desktop.
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    Extremely slow USB performance .. USB2.0 / USB 3.0

    I did all of that .. the changing of the bios and no difference. My bios is much much newer than that displayed. But the concept was the same. But did not make a difference.
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    Extremely slow USB performance .. USB2.0 / USB 3.0

    The machine came with Windows 8 .. upgraded to 8.1. There are no updated drivers and the bios is up to date. I tried the write caching .. no difference. I will just live with it, as honestly it really is a minor but still a bit annoying issue.
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    Extremely slow USB performance .. USB2.0 / USB 3.0

    Here is the deal .. Windows 8.1 and I have an Asus computer that is less than 2 months old. But the USB performance is pretty poor .. I thought it was my USB stick, so bought a new one USB 3.0. But it was worse in my test below. I did a test. Copied a 190 MB file to each USB Stick from my pc...
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    It is installed on my system .. and no problems at all.
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    Windows 'Threshold' tech preview around late September

    Hate the charms bar .. it never works well on my computer at all and I never use it now. I hope they just make it an option. I hope Windows 9 does not suck.
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    Can't get into BIOS, machine won't start

    I hate Toshiba's .. for this exact issue. They can be a real handsome frog to get into the bios. Why do they not display the key sequence when you start it .. like Lenovo for example. Like .. idiots, and why I will never buy a Toshiba.
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    Realtek PCIe GBE Family Driver Issues and Internet Speed

    But why does my internet slow down by itself .. causing me to have to reinstall that device ? I understand that it re-installs it .. that is fine, but why do I need to do it in the first place. :confused: