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    My first days with a Windows 8 phone

    WHS, I now have Spare Phone working for both incoming and outgoing calls. To make it work both google voice and Spare Phone must use the same gmail address. Make sure you have a google voice phone number, then on the google voice page, click your phone number, box that opens will show Google...
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    My first days with a Windows 8 phone

    Spare Phone Tech support told me that the APP on the phone and the Google chat email address must be the same to push incoming calls. Mine were different but correcting them hasn't solve the problem. Note: I read in the comment section for the Spare Phone App in the Windows Phone Store, that...
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    My first days with a Windows 8 phone

    WHS, I also recently jumped to a Windows Phone and have successfully set it up to use the wi-fi phone connection only paired with Spare Phone. I had no trouble getting the phone to make outgoing calls with the Spare Phone app but thus far no success receiving calls. Did you encounter problems...
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    Solved Windows 8.1 loses wired internet connection

    I have an XPS8100 with the same symptoms and same Broadcom Ethernet Net Link driver. I haven't found a solution either. Have switched to wireless in the mean time, no problem with it.
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    Oct 17 -- who's got it (W8.1) - Public release only

    Successfully downloaded from store on two computers, total time for download and install about 2½ hours. No problems encountered. Searching for updates after install has taken 15 minutes, thus far nothing has downloaded, servers slow there as well.
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    Logitech T650 Touchpad

    Yes to both of your questions. After you move the curser to the charm or app then tap the touchpad with one finger and your selection will open. Take some time and read over the SoftPoint Settings to master it's use.
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    Logitech T650 Touchpad

    Agreed. I have been using the T-650 and found it to function well. It has about a three day learning period but then it's usage is very natural.