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    Old game not playing even in proper compatibility modes?

    sorry about delay response. dont know if your still trying to run the game. 1. never ever try install a different older version of directx on windows. it can mess it up. the game wont work with windows 8 or any modern windows version. 2. the game will run with 3dfx. google nglide and...
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    Solved wont boot to safemode.

    yeah thanks for the post.. I figured out it was because storachi was trying to load wrong sys file.
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    Solved wont boot to safemode.

    my family built computer used to be amd and then was switch over to intel. before the switch, I made sure to remove all amd drivers and I switch achi to ide. I made sure to install the intel chipset drivers this was 2 years ago. and it been running fine. but I wanted to switch ide to achi...
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    UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows

    found out I can NOT use rufus on a usb 2.0 flash drive in a usb 3.0. it gives error saying unable to partition the drive. lucky I have 2 usb 2.0 ports on my system. and it worked. And I hate usb 3.0 ports.
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    August updates for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2

    thing that makes me worry is that windows 8/8.1 killed off support for directdraw. and some windows 7 games that crash on windows 8/8.1 may never get patched to work correctly on windows 8/8.1 and then windows 9 comes along and the same problem will still be there....... looks like some people...
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    old games are very slow

    I just ended up using vmware player for windows 7 to play some of the games that dont work in windows 8 but the only problem is now I have to msi after burner to control the fps in vmware because some of the games will play with turbo speeds.
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    The Forest - on steam

    you have to run command prompt as administrator
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    Win8.1 really beginning to p*ss me OFF!

    windows is stupid about reporting if antivirus programs are on or not. it will sometimes say it not on when in fact it is on. only way to make sure its running is going into the Kaspersky and seeing if everything is ok. avira software has the same problem sometimes. sfc WILL NOT FIX THIS as...
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    old games are very slow

    if microsoft acknowledges the problem. they wont make a statement about it. it would hurt their slogan for trying to bring back gaming.
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    What is the best way to move games between GFWL accounts?

    you know, They are shutting down GFWL next month?
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    old games are very slow

    well at lest more people are noticing now... maybe in the future the problem might get fixed.
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    Microsoft to highlight One Windows progress at Build 2014

    and we get bored when there is nothing to test or download....
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    Despite Imminent Retirement, More Users Move to Windows XP

    I used machines with windows 95 for setting up programmable logic controllers.....:cry: actually that was back in 2001. but it still was a nightmare
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    Despite Imminent Retirement, More Users Move to Windows XP

    and then there is Target.....
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    unsupported 16 bit application

    dosbox doesnt run 16bit windows program. there is a difference. only way without booting is with vmare player which is free or virtualbox. but I vote vmare player. just find a copy of windows xp and install the game in it also steam has the game too and runs fine on windows 8.