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    Users tell Microsoft: We hate Windows 8 touchscreen PCs

    Picture this: Laptops from day one were all touchscreen. Then along comes this new concept of a touch pad and even the ability to hook up an external mouse to your laptop. It would have been an instant hit and virtually rendered touchscreens on laptops obsolete from that point on.
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    I love embedded Oem keys

    I think you're all being trolled.
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    Solved How To Get A Start Button In Windows 8

    I have an amusing story to tell that is apropos to the topic at hand. My 75 year old friend told me she was buying a new laptop in that she was tired of fighting with her husband over the use of their only machine. FYI, the current machine is running W7. She knew I was a little savvy in that...
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    Got my refund!

    McButter: Got the message you're not particularly pleased with Win 8. Perhaps you could put up a TLDR edit for us lazy readers... Drew
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    The quote of the day [2]

    "Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the US Government Officials take care of him, better take a closer look at the American Indian." Henry Ford
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    iobit StartMenu8 v ClassicShell

    Startisback is by far the best. Not a copy that looks like a cheap copy but the real thing. Oh, and support here.
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    Show of hands, who hasn't and isn't buying the $40 upgrade

    Neither option applied to me either. I did purchase the cheapie 8 Pro upgrades because of when I purchased my computers, and I think I probably would have spent 40 bucks to upgrade. However, I would not have spent over $100 for sure. Drew
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    Show of hands, who hasn't and isn't buying the $40 upgrade

    I did the same as Peterbata, purchased three (3) at $14.99. All you had to do was purchase your computer(s) during the pertinent period last summer/fall. One for mama, one for daughter & one for me! Drew
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    Which age category do you fall in?

    64 & say hi to my avey granddaughter, Sophia. My "little monster" trying to scare me with her alligator hood. Drew
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    Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade

    I upgraded my 7/64 laptop to 8/64 Pro via the upgrade download (also burned the disk). I also installed the Media Center shortly after. If I were to attempt a "clean" install with my disk, do I use the original key that MS sent me in the email, or the new key that I acquired when I installed...
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    Solved How do I find my Product Key?

    TY NiFu, worked like a charm. FYI Produkey, like Magic Jellybean, also returned the wrong key. Drew
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    Wan't the Old WIN 7 Explore tool-bar back?

    Guess what guys? Before trying BK's tutorial or sym's download, I made a promise to myself to actually give it another try to see if it could grow on me. It's starting to...... Drew
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    Solved windows live mail freezes

    ukbadge, TY for the tip - I think (with fingers crossed) the compatibility trick worked for me too. Drew
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    windows live mail how long should it take to download mail

    Try the compatibility troubleshooter. ukbadge mentioned it in another post and it appears to have straightened out my WLM. Until then It would have the same problem and I would have to reboot to get back to normal. Good luck. Drew
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    What do normal people think of new Windows 8 PCs?

    Well, I'm very new here having just installed 8 a few days ago. I quickly found this is the premier Win 8 site and have been poking around for tips and tricks, which are plentiful. Back to the subject at hand - I am no where near the skill caliber of most members here so that might make more...