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    Wd External HDD Not initialized

    The thing is, the problem tablet/drive belong to my buddy. I actually own the exact same tablet and hard drive myself and it works perfectly. Exact same setup in every way. Same tablet, same cords, same OS, same model drive, same adapter etc. Mine works, his doesn't. But only that one drive with...
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    Wd External HDD Not initialized

    I have an Asus Vivotab Smart running full Win8.1 and a Western Digital My Passport 2TB external HDD. The hard drive works fine on other computers running 7, 8 and 8.1. The tablet can read other hard drives fine as well. But this one hard drive will not function on just the tablet. I've tried...
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    Open Specific Control Panel Item?

    David Bailey, I don't have those options when I right click on Control Panel items. All I have is "Open" and "Create Shortcut". Is there any way I can enable those options? I am trying to pin the "Sound" Control Panel item to my Start screen.