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    Solved Multiple Antivirus programs???

    I recommend you not to do that. Incompatible programs when installed on a single platform can cause conflicting issues. If you want to use Bitdefender; first uninstall trend micro and then install Bitdefnder or any other tool. If you want to use two antivirus software together then always check...
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    Virus or Network admin?

    Run full system scan and if still get that bar then install any other AV program, may be your AV program is unable to detect the problem and also.
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    Kaspersky blocks Java in the browser

    Try to disable Kaspersky and install any other good AV program like Avast, Immunet, Nod32 etc. To check whether there is problem with Kaspersky or JRE has a bug. If you would be able to run JRE plugin in the browser then change your AV program permanently.
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    Anti-Malware resources I use and recommend...

    I’m using Avast and Immunet together to get extra layer of security and Immunet is a light AV so that it won’t slow down the PC.
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    Solved antivirus opinions sought

    Avast will be fine, I’m also using it with Immunet. (Immunet – Just for adding extra layer of protection). Actually I have not heard much about AVG that's why can't say anything about that.
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    A good Free Virus Software

    You may opt for any of them Avast, Nod32 or Immunet. Personally I’m using Immunet Plus. I choose this because it’s light, fast and inexpensive AV program.
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    Best Antivirus for Gamers ??

    I’m also a game addict and I’m using Immunet’s free version in windows 8 laptop. You may also try it.