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    Problems with DISM

    I'm having problems running DISM or Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth I get Error: 0x80240021 Here's my log. Search for error. Recent DISM Log ($2019802) · Snippets · Snippets
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    The contact us page doesn't work

    It appears that if you go on before clicking the contact us link, then it starts to work. But what about if the user hasn't before clicked that link?
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    The contact us page doesn't work

    I see this. provides a Error 503 error shown by Cloudflare asking the user to enable javascript then refresh the page. But I do have javascript enabled, otherwise I couldn't use the javascript and ajax functions of this website. The browser console says this...
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    The contact us page doesn't work

    Hello The contact us page doesn't work
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    I Love Windows 8/8.1

    Windows 7 is the best Windows as it had the best design and the best user experience. Also Windows 10 unlike previous version is Software as a Service (SaaS), so the features change and update or get removed every 6 months. I expect people to prefer aspects of previous versions of Windows 10...
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    How do you identify who reports your emails as spam?

    I see that the people who run this website can identify when their users mark their emails as spam. How does this work and how is it done? I'd like to implement that feature for my own websites.
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    Downloading Windows Updates stuck at 0%

    I was meaning to show my WindowsUpdate.log but my laptop is very slow due to an overheating problem. Until I buy a new one which I will, I'm stuck with this one. I've updated the above post with my WindowsUpdate.log I've decided to only show fatal errors that happened today. Here it is again...
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    Five reasons I'd rather run Windows 8 than Linux

    As a music producer I have to use Windows as most of the vst software isn't compatible with Linux (or even mac). Also FL Studio and Propellerhead Reason doesn't support Linux. Also I used OpenOffice in 2008-2010 and there were compatibility issues when opening Microsoft Word files so I found it...
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    Downloading Windows Updates stuck at 0%

    I did a traceroute over ipv4, it did 30 hops, and 19 of them timed out. I tried to over ipv6 and it failed so I'm disabling that. Then I'll see if it works. Also the link you gave me only applies to Windows 10 computers and the instructions there don't apply to me as I'm not receiving any error...
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    Go To Windows 10 Forum

    The link above doesn't work. What's wrong with vbulletin and why is xenforo better?
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    Go To Windows 10 Forum

    This forum changed software from vbulletin to xenforo so the design is different.
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    Downloading Windows Updates stuck at 0%

    Hello I have a working internet connection and when I try to download Windows updates the progress bar is stuck at 0% for hours. This happens even if I disable my antivirus and firewall. Please help
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    Windows 8 won't recognise my CD

    My Windows 8 laptop won't recognise my CD. When I go to Device Manager, the drive shows and the device status under properties says the device is working properly but it my CD still isn't recognised. Please help!
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    Sound fails to play on Windows 8

    Sound fails to play on my Windows 8 laptop. Here are the things I've tried. Restarting the Audio Service (it doesn't restart, it stays stuck on "stopping", and I have to restart my computer Updating my audio drivers sfc /scannow When I go to test the audio, this is what I see. What can be...
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    Solved Windows Update stuck at "Checking for Updates"

    The solution you have posted here works. Thank you!