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    [Info]Games which support for Windows 8

    Here is Microsoft's compatibility list for everyone who is actually a bit more cautious with this new OS. Windows 8 Release Preview Compatibility Center: Find Updates, Drivers, & Downloads
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    Your outlook on Win 8 from day one until now.

    Well, as a matter of fact it did change a bit. My first impression was "this is a sick joke", then it was "I am going to be sick", really struggling not to vomit looking at this Metro screen, now it's like "Meh" with the occasional "I am sick NOW", when I get the occasional BSOD because...
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    a proper desktop

    Actually, the OP's statement is biased, as in his case "proper" refers to all other desktops before Windows 8, accepting them as a basis for measurement and comparison, as is also evidenced by the pictures he has posted. Actually, many editors also jumped on this bandwagon, blaming Microsoft...
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    network performance - LAN - std. browsing

    Maybe Windows 8 needs to rebuild its thumbnail cache for the network drives in question ?
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    Restart Time

    I have no startup programs. Can anyone advise why it took so long to restart ? I see everyone's results are much lower than mine.
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    Minecraft creator tells Microsoft to 'stop trying to ruin the PC'

    I can't wait for Valve to release their games for Ubuntu. Better frame rates, here I come! Other than that, I don't think some indie game creator is very relevant at all. Minecraft is not an AAA title, and it won't last anyway. Everyone knows why the majority of people use Windows as their OS...
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    How Windows 8 will shake up the laptop market

    Alright, so, according to you, the "touch experience" should go like this. 1. Buy a tablet. 2. Attach a keyboard and a mouse. 3. Use the tablet. Where does "touch" fit into this picture ? You are basically ending up with an underpowered laptop, with a limited selection of apps, and a much...
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    Any ideas for changing the background of Metro

    This is so awesome! I want it back!
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    Windows 8 gaining market share

    I am truly skeptical about these stats. Licenses sold is simply not "copies in use". Easy as that. W3C seem to come closer to the truth, but still, this is based on what their web counters see, so take it with a grain of salt. We will never know the true numbers.
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    Are there ANY Metro apps that don't suck?

    The OP asked "which ones don't suck", not "which ones fail", so I gave him a list of apps I find somewhat entertaining or semi-useful. Waste money on a tablet just to read recipes ? I'd rather spend those $500 on a second VGA card or a better CPU or Mobo. Fear not, it WILL stay and play in the...
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    Exe file runs but doesnt show any response.

    Visual Studio 2012 is already out. Try that instead. Games, on the other hand are different story. You will have to wait for the manufacturer to update it, or forget about it. Most of the software is expected to have various problems with Windows 8 due to the radically different kernel and...
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    Everything Sucks. Let's Talk About What Does Not.

    -Awesome Metro start screen. Provided Micosoft add support for traditional Context Menus it will be fit for desktop use. -Cool, small, free, apps. There is potential here. We just want everything too early, that's why we are early adopters. -Clean, usable PC Settings section. Provided Microsoft...
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    Are there ANY Metro apps that don't suck?

    Yeah, there are a few actually. -Fine Cooking, for recipes and delicious food. -Radio apps. Most of them are quite awesome. -Chess. -News apps -Sky drive -Maps. Avoid if you are paranoid. -Calendar -One Note FX -Bing, for the pretty pictures it shows. -Reader -Internet Explorer is actually...
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    Win8Pro vs Win8EnterpriseN

    May I ask why you chose Enterprise N over Enterprise ? Enterprise is better than N. Anyway, you are not missing on ANY functionality compared to Pro, you are actually gaining functionality. Here are the differences explained. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a massive...
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    Any ideas for changing the background of Metro

    Now we are talking! That would be awesome.