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    First encounter and impressions of Windows 8

    Not at all but it sounds as if you didn't know you could just have easily customized the Start Menu in Windows 7 as easily as you did in Windows 8. You could search the same way... basically there is no new feature, it's just all presented in a full screen.
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    Solved Winload.exe error & Windows 8 boot loader

    Yeah, I had actually run it six time with no change. Something was there that it didn't think needed fixing. Deleting the partition was risky but I figured my data was still safe on the main partition.
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    Start Button Missing & understanding why

    Um, Windows 7 it's the same for getting to the Control Panel. If you want to use the keyboard. Mouse is Start > Control Panel As Windows fills up with apps, more and more apps use the word Control. (Camera Control) (Nvidia Control Panel).... Eventually you have to select from several apps...
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    Solved Winload.exe error & Windows 8 boot loader

    NOTE: The problem original problem appears to have been caused when I downloaded updated nVIDIA drivers included in the Windows 7 updates. Never ever do this!!! Always update your nVIDIA drivers from the nVIDIA website. Drivers that are included in Windows updates are often outdated by...
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    Solved Winload.exe error & Windows 8 boot loader

    Fixed! Normally I would have just deleted this but the solution wasn't one that I could not find so I will list it here. !!! First try the recommended fixes which are to run the Windows repair feature on the installation CD, and/or copy over the winload.exe file and bootmgr files...
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    Solved Winload.exe error & Windows 8 boot loader

    Something with horribly wrong. After a Windows 7 update I am now getting a Winload.exe error in both Windows 7 and 8. I tried to repair using the Windows 8 install CD but with no success. I reinstalled 8 to it's partition with the same results. I think the problem is this... Windows 7...
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    problem with startup programs running (some as admin)

    I've noted that Stardock's Fences, used to organize icons on the desktop, won't run right away. The desktop comes up but the fences don't until you click on the desktop. But clicking on the desktop can't give it admin privileges so I suspect I will just have to wait for an update from...
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    Windows 8 - a return to the stone age?

    It should be noted that what a programmer might call a window in code isn't always considered a window by anyone else, especially the end user. You'd never refer to an icon, link or text box as window in a tech manual. If you did, users would never get past the first page of the instruction...
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    Will the Real re-named Metro name please stand up

    Microsoft's website simply refers to it as the Start Screen. That's probably the most descriptive since is technically replaces the Start Button which has been used for years.
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    Is Start Menu really matter?

    In the past, the power button on the PC did not interact with the OS. It would shut down Windows while files were still open and cached to the hard drive creating disk errors. In most cases these files just sat on your HD and eventually clogged up the system. In rare cases important files...
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    Windows 8 - a return to the stone age?

    May just be an example but I agree, there is nothing in Metro that can't be done with the mouse or keyboard. Not sure why you'd bring that up. Not important... My issue is that the users isn't given the choices. Having worked in the software industry I can say that too often companies fail...
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    Windows 8 - a return to the stone age?

    Wanted to comment on this one too. On my system it's taking about 15 to 18 seconds to load the interface. The old boot menu was pretty much instant. It may not seem like much time but working in a testing environment rebooting is common after restoring an image. Launching another OS was...
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    Windows 8 - a return to the stone age?

    But the key always was that with Windows XP, Vista and 7, you could always revert to the NT sharp, crisp fast edgy look. With Windows 8 all you get is the updated NT look. I think users should be offered options not mandates. Regarding the devices I did find another devices screen which...
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    Windows 8 - a return to the stone age?

    I've had both joys and frustrations using Windows 8. Many things feel like a throwback to ages gone by. Microsoft boasts that Windows 8 has faster boot times. But this isn't the case if you use a multiple boot OS. Instead of the quick prompt style boot menu, you are presented with a...