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  1. DarkDavil

    Windows Infinity?

    I think it should be something that obnoxious-ly links it to Microsoft :D Something like.... introducing the latest and greatest in computer Os's .... presendinggggggg microsoft's microsoft. :D I can seriously see them naming it something that just = MS. Maybe call it... MS's OS?
  2. DarkDavil

    If only Windows 8 could look like this...

    If Windows 8 looks and feels like this i would absolutly love windows forever. Probably people have seen this before, but i still love it!
  3. DarkDavil

    An update for the "Windows Classic" users.

    Wasnt(Isn't) Windows 8 supposed to have some GUI we've never seen before? I read that somewhere.... Correct me if im wrong :)
  4. DarkDavil


    Dang. That actually seems awesome :D
  5. DarkDavil

    [MSKitchen] Windows 8 to Contain New Anti-Piracy Technology?

    Well - always'll be hackers, even if they can afford it. It must be some odd consciousness that makes 'em feel happy when they've cracked an OS for others to get for free, even if they legit'ly purchased it :)
  6. DarkDavil

    My Windows 8 Concept

    Looks REALLY sweet - so simple :D I like the "massive" start "button") But as for me - tooo dark. I always have light/;ight blue themes !
  7. DarkDavil

    What made you pick your screen name?

    Hehehe :D Its Dark - and its a Davil -- whats not to understand? :D
  8. DarkDavil

    Welcome to Eight Forums