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    Last Letter Game [9]

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    Undo ipconfig /release

    Hm, sorry guys for not replying. I've had some family stuff going on lately. Weird enough, my Internet now magically works after updating my Wireless adapter drivers. :D So, yeah! Thanks for the help guys!
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    Undo ipconfig /release

    Nope, Windows 8 With Media Center.
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    Undo ipconfig /release

    Unfortunately, this is what I get.
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    Undo ipconfig /release

    Unfortunately I've already tried doing that. :(
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    Undo ipconfig /release

    How do I 'undo' the "ipconfig /release" command in the CMD. I can't use my internet on my computer after doing that. I've tried "ipconfig /renew" but I get this message. "No operation can be performed on Local Area Connection* 11 while it has its media disconnected. No operation can be...
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    Show us your cell phone!

    Samsung Galaxy Gio. No pics though. :P
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    Toomanyitems for Minecraft 1.5.1

    That, and please do add your system specs to your profile. That will help us help you in this and other questions you might have later on.
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    Play games in windows 8 in fast...

    Now that was an unnecessary bump...
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    Single Player Commands 1.5.1 issue (Minecraft)

    I think the guys at MinecraftForums are better at answering mod-related questions than we here at EightForums are. Have you tried doing a clean install of Minecraft and removing any other mods installed? You could also try downloading th of newest version of Java.
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    far cry 3 not working, windows 8 pro

    Hey there. Have you tried updating your graphics card drivers? This error should not a be a Uplay or Win8 related issue. To further assist you, do you get the message from the monitor or Windows? Also, please add your system specs to your profile. :) Thanks
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    free game apps

    Cut the Rope is free! :)
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    rocket riot 3D

    Hello there great. And welcome to EightForums! Sorry, but we do not discuss piracy or spread software illegally. Please take some time to read the forum rules. Thank you!
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    Solved How do I shut down Windows 8...?

    Yes, thanks everyone! ;) Answering a bit late, but... Thanks!
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    No sound in Minecraft

    Turtuleboyfitz, your comments aren't gonna help at all. That's your opinion, but you can keep it for yourself... Well, while having Minecraft on, rightclick on the speaker icon in the taskbar, then on 'volume control', like in this picture: Now, try dragging Minecraft's volume all the way...