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    Solved Update fix tutorial needed

    Hi Ran each of the suggested fixes in order, rebooted after each and did a 4 hrs scan for updates between each and all failed except the install of KB3138615 which fixed the problem. Update found 157 updates which installed and a followup scan has been run and 17 found and installed. Problem...
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    Solved Update fix tutorial needed

    Hi I have had to do an automated recover install from the recovery drive on my Laptop because the install got corrupted and was very slow. I have now done three recovery installs and after each one Windows update runs for ever but goes nowhere, I have done a 24hr and a 28hr test with no...
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    Defender will not start

    Hi I bought a PC with 8.1, it has not been updated. It came with McAfee installed. which I uninstalled and ran the McAfee uninstall tool, This was done while not connected to the internet. Then I went to control panel and tried to start Defender but I got a message that defender had bee n...
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    Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade

    Can I use a 8.1 disk to clean install Hi I have my W8 disk with product key, and a W8.1 disk I burned from the 8.1 iso on the MS site. Can I use the 8.1 disk with mu 8 key Thanks Daniel
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    Confusion with "User" when trying to change Logon

    Problem with user account Hi if you look at this threads you will see that I have made a mess of things, In trying to create a start-up that went straight to my desktop I ended up with two options to log in, neither worked and I had to use a back arrow to get to a logon that still required...
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    Confusion with "User" when trying to change Logon

    Hi I am still working through this, Running Start - CMD - echo %username% gives me XXXX as my user name but in UAC I have two accounts with that user name in the list one is [email protected] it is in the Homeuser Group and [email protected] in the Homeuser: Administrator group. Which one do I...
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    Confusion with "User" when trying to change Logon

    Hi thanks for the info, while I was waiting I tried to change one of the entries to "no password required" now I get a message that the password is wrong and the username is not mine, I know, I should have waited but it is too late for regrets. How do I reset the whole logon to my username...
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    Confusion with "User" when trying to change Logon

    Hi I run W8.1 Fully updated, I am trying to stop the Logon Screen, no one else uses this PC. but when I run netplwiz.exe I get five users, which one is MY logon name alone??, I cannot post the username as the would identify me. Cheers Daniel
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    Multiple instance of programs opening

    Hi On a W8.1 fully updated PC we have a problem where IE, XL, and Word are opening several instance of the program when the shortcut icon or all programs link is used. The programs starts okay then after a few seconds the multiple instance start and continue to open until Task Manager is us4d...
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    WLM. How to delete unwanted calendar entries

    Hi I use the Calendar that comes with Windows Live Mail. I have entries going back to the start of WLM (many years) and would like to delete them all at once so long as they are not valid any more, that is if they have no current recurring reminders? I know how to delete the entries one by...
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    How to Share files or Network a W8.1 PC to a W7 Laptop

    Hi At the moment I am reluctant to delete the Network as that would deny me internet access and if I had trouble getting back on I would have real problems. Also my Laptop is about to go away, a mate is borrowing it to store pictures while travelling, so I cannot test any Networking changes I...
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    How to Share files or Network a W8.1 PC to a W7 Laptop

    hi thanks for the reply, we failed on the first instruction page It said... Create a homegroup When you set up a PC with Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1, a homegroup is created automatically. If a homegroup already exists on your home network, you can join it. Open...
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    How to Share files or Network a W8.1 PC to a W7 Laptop

    Hi I have a W8.1 PC connected to a Wireless modem by Ethernet cable, and a W7 Laptop connected by wireless to the same modem. I have a lot of stuff on my Laptop that I want to transfer (sometimes up to 200GB) to my PC, until now I have copied the data to a USB, 30GB at a time then copied it...
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    MS does not send security code to phone

    Hi I have a new PC and am trying to use my Hotmail account to log on, MS asked for the last four digits to the mobile phone I used for security, I have entered the last four digits but have not received the text message with the security code. I have gone through the process twice, to no...
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    How to make a folder writable

    That is why my next machine will probably be a MAC, I gave Mac's away when W3.1 came out and I could do what I wanted, MACs would only allow what they would allow, very frustrating BUT Windows is going the same way. I cannot even get a OS disk when I buy a new PC, just in case the user stuffs...