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    Which Web Browser Is Best Under Windows 8?

    I really dislike IE 10's handling of bookmarks (I have a couple of hundred). The full screen version seems more like a beta than a finished product. Microsoft appears to have dropped the ball on it. I'll use Chrome or Firefox for this reason alone. In the past I've been concerned with...
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    IE10 Metro Favorites?

    Hopefully IE 10 is a first draft and there will be improvements or that Firefox or chrome will do better. It simply cannot handle more than a handful of "favorites". For now it is a loser application-- in my opinion I would have thought Microsoft could do better.
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    Which Web Browser Is Best Under Windows 8?

    Ad blocker makes a huge difference and also cuts out some of the purveyors of adware and malware. I won't use a browser that doesn't offer it--I contribute to the developer.
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    Fast Startup - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

    I dual boot with Ubuntu on my laptop and share some files between the systems. If I use the hybrid shutdown the windows partition won't mount in Ubuntu. I simply turn it off, accept the slower boot and everything works.
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    Dual Boot Windows 7 and Windows 8 - Delete Windows 7

    Any reason reserved partition grew to 350mbs?
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    Windows 8 vs Ubuntu Debate + First Experience Of Both OS's

    Using Windows 7, 8 and Ubuntu. Enjoying Windows 8 though there are some notable issues. The IE 10 browser from the start page is limited and not fully functional, (displaying bookmarks a problem for me) whether it will be fixed or not? It also doesn't allow an ad blocker so the experience is...
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    What is your favorite browser?

    Anything but IE 10 "metro"
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    IE 10 Favorites dysfunctional or am I missing something?

    I've been playing with a new clean install of Windows 8 and don't mind the eye candy and links of the start screen tiles but find the implementation of the "metro" version of IE 10 almost unusable. Let me explain. In setting up IE 10 desktop version I imported all my favorites, most nicely...
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    Hiding a folder from the Pictures tile?

    And no FYI it's not porn. I am elderly my first wife died. I have many pictures of her and my family that for personal reasons I'd prefer not to have flashing on my start page. And yet I don't want to "hide them" It's an issue with many people...read the review of the app on the windows 8...
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    Hiding a folder from the Pictures tile?

    Agree this is a major flaw in the app. Also is very unclear what you do with it. You can't edit. Why even have it? I much prefer the free windows live photo gallery...still available, as functional, in some ways better than IPhoto in my opinion.
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    Windows 8 vs ubuntu 12.10?

    Overdrive media console, the interface for many libraries, doesn't have a Linux application and nobody I've found has been able to get it to work on WINE. I'm glad to hear Amazon Prime is working--earlier it wasn't. I continue to dual boot and will be looking at windows 8.
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    Windows 8 vs ubuntu 12.10?

    I like and use ubuntu 12.10. But it has little capability to handle DRM protected materials. Netflix and Amazon won't stream, you can't sync the newer Mac iPods, phone or iPads. You cannot download ebooks and audio books from the library. As such Ubuntu works fine but has limits that may be...
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    Which age category do you fall in?

    71 years
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    Solved Office Starter 2010 - bundled version...

    area 66, You're right, thanks for correcting....
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    Solved Office Starter 2010 - bundled version...

    I've not seen more on this but Microsoft won't allow word 10 starter on Windows 8, some boloney about it must be installed by the computer manufacturer and thus microsoft is helpless to do anything about it. In reality Microsoft has decided not to allow it's use with Windows 8 so you will have...