Cliff S

The first computer I ever used was a VAX 11/750 from Digital in High School.
The second was a Battery Computer System (BCS) in the US Field Artilliery.
I'm an american expat living in Germany since 1989.
Started using windows in the days when you couldn't wait for the next issue of your favorite computer magazine so you could type a "free" program yourself in a day and then debug looking for typos for 3 days then finally running it yourself(OH THE PRIDE).
Started using Ubuntu in 2011.
Started using Windows 8.1 in November 2014.

Music: punk>metal & jazz>blues
Nov 23, 1965 (Age: 58)
Bamberg Germany
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us new hampshire



Intel Core i9 @ 5656.06 MHz - CPU-Z VALIDATOR


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