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    (Desktop) Change Inactive Window Colour

    Afternoon, Does anyone know if it is possible to change the Inactive Window Colour? What I mean by that is when a window is not selected, the colour changes to that grey.. See the image below where the left window is inactive and the right active.. I have tried playing in the registry...
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    Offical release for MSDN and TechNet subscribers

    Oh joy! I need Media Center in my environment.. I wonder how long it will take for someone to include it in? The files are probably all mostly identical to those in Windows 7... If I can ever download and install it I'll take a look around.. @Brink, that key apparently doesn't work on the...
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    Offical release for MSDN and TechNet subscribers

    Apologies for double post - thought someone had posted after me, would edit but I cant delete Hash Info - SHA 1(As I happen to be there): Windows 8 (x86) - DVD (English): 22D680EC53336BEE8A5B276A972CEBA104787F62 Windows 8 (x86) - DVD (English-United Kingdom)...
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    Offical release for MSDN and TechNet subscribers

    Does anyone know yet if the license keys have the Media Center Pack? Would try myself but can't get in and can't see a separate download for the pack..
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    So how do I get RTM soon?

    To the above If you try claim a key you won't be able to - For my home premiums it states 2 of 0 keys allocated.. Thankfully they havn't rescinded the keys given before the change... Also, if you install the leaked version of Win8, it does look like you can buy a key from inside windows (It...
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    Windows 8 RTM has leaked

    Just a thought - has anyone been brave / stupid enough to attempt to buy a legitimate key from Windows 8 Pro? For me if I click buy a key it quotes me £49.99 and something like £11 if I want a dvd and asks for billing details Would be a great coup - people who pirate it are being offered the...