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    Windows 8.1 Boot Order ?

    I'm not sure if I've understood you correctly but I think your problem is related to being unable to sign-in your PC. But first, take a look at this post: KB2919355 Issues:
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    Improving Google Search for the next 20 years

    Lie. Google search among other Google stuff is only about tracking. All those sugar coated words in the article are strictly for promotion only. Google is Hydra
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    KB2919355 Issues:

    If you've installed the linked ISO's you already have "April 2014 roll-up" a.k.a KB2919355. I told you in post no 2 about an additional update for C Runtime to run the modern apps correctly. You could also get the newer C++ Runitime version 2017. That's what it is all about. Those runtimes and...
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    KB2919355 Issues:

    Okay so I wouldn't prefer that edition. There's nothing wrong with it but the problem is it has two servicing stacks build in. The stack Windows installs (Core / Pro) will depend upon the key you insert during WinPE operation. Option 2 with link to ESD's is a better choice. I've detailed the...
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    KB2919355 Issues:

    1. Direct Microsoft links Update 3, non-refresh bootable ISO (Ready to Use) Win8.1_English_x64_Core_Pro Win8.1_English_x32_Core_Pro Link expire: 09/16/2018 00:38:39 MSK 2. For refresh (Current) ISO, you'll have to grab ESD's and decrypt them into bootable ISO before they can be used All...
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    I just want to cry now:

    Why do you want to update so badly ? Is a final release of an OS broken ? Windows 8.1 was broken or missing something important when it first came out, that is absolutely necessary ? The answer would be something in between. You need updates but not all updates and not constantly. I advise...
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    KB2919355 Issues:

    Hi, You can grab the 8.1 Update 3 ISO which comes bundled with all those updates. If you want I can link you a MSDN to download 9600.17053.winblue_refresh.141120-0031 / IR5 represent November 2014 Refresh release (which matches current MSDN ISO releases), and have these integrated updates...
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    How To Re-Install Media Foundation ?

    Hello, I'm using a modified version of Win 8.1 Single Language. I removed Media related packages from the Windows when I created this ISO, now I can't play iTunes AAC files and Explorer doesn't display any ID3 tags. I tried to re-install Media Feature Pack but said "It's not applicable for...
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    Post your Desktop

    Win 8.1 Pro. Custom theme downloaded from someplace on the internet that I don't remember anymore:o Token Icons. Wallpapers: An Arab Pop singer's latest album's artwork manipulation.