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    U.S. consumers hesitant to make switch to Windows 8

    I agree with you on this. I have used numerous versions including the RTM prior to launch and I am just happier with Windows 7. It's secure, fast and does what I need it to do. If I had a touch screen I might consider it down the road but otherwise I see it having little benefit over 7 other...
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    Forget it... This business won't be going "Metro"

    After several weeks with this Windows 8 I quit. Even with the tips to bypass and alter Metro and even with the very slight boot increase, I truly see no benefit to upgrading to the RTM version after seeing and experiencing what I have, nor do I envision any business adopting this OS. This...
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    Show us your WEI

    I feel like when people post the WEI they should also share the hardware they use. It makes a huge difference in helping folks understand.