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    Windows 8.1 Pro - Unable to Update

    The latest update (KB4493443) has all sorts of caveats including the fact that uSoft has disabled updating with it for a variety of anti-virus-installed platforms. See: KB4493443
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    Latest couple Firefox versions slow/freeze whole system

    Though I always appreciate any responses, even ones 4 years after the original post, I am up to version 66+ of Firefox now and no longer have the problem (I also ditched Avast and Malwarebytes and went straight Defender for a dramatic increase in general processing speed). But suggesting...
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    February 19, 2019 - KB4487016 (Preview of Monthly Rollup) for Windows 8.1

    The 2nd bulleted item may have intrusive side-effects [I haven't yet checked]
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    Latest CCleaner Version Released

    Was not able to successfully run update from within a running CCleaner (prior version) - the download of the new version occurred, then nothing. Exited and re-entered and did again - same thing. Using the given link to the download site and manually downloading and running the install file worked.
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    Pardon self-reply. Anyway, yes, this part of the update does indeed reinstall the CompatTelRunner.exe and diagtrackrunner.exe and schedules them and makes certain other changes w.r.t. them. Looking into those processes it may be that simply disabling the two and any scheduling won't be...
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    This update says: "...Addresses an issue with evaluating the compatibility status of the Windows ecosystem to help ensure application and device compatibility for all updates to Windows..." the wording of which suggests turning on certain automatic logging/scanning/reporting features that I...
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    Upper Right Screen Notification Dialog logged?

    Is the notification dialog that appears briefly in the upper right of the screen (8.1) logged in any manner? A few times now I've heard the dialog's Heads Up sound and looked at the screen too late to see whatever the notification dialog said. I've since changed the duration of the dialog to 5...
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    Solved KB3038936 appeared in Windows Update?

    Though not really relevant to this thread, I installed Defender due to the vast improvements made to it (and commented on by many MUCH more learned about antivirus programs than I) - it has not done me wrong - free - autoupdates - it works. AND... Seems to have MUCH less impact on my ancient...
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    Solved KB3038936 appeared in Windows Update?

    Something funny going on with updates - marking as "Important" an ancient patch that has been superseded is simply wrong. And certainly shouldn't happen years after the fact. I think I'm going to just sit on this update til more contemporary Internet hits show up. [edit: just checked version...
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    Why did I =just= get KB3038936, an August =2015= update

    This update theoretically installs a new version of Defender for Windows 8.1, which is okay, but from August 2015? What's goin' on?
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    Folder names exported to word/pdf?

    Oh, wow - it's been so long (like decades?) since I putzed around with DOS commands that I forgot the "tree" command - that one probably mimics the "dir" command with some added "graphics" but it for sure has nice output. As a Unix weenie I was gonna suggest some sort of set of UNIX commands...
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    Folder names exported to word/pdf?

    The "/B" option leaves just the name behind - there may be other combinations that have merit.
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    Folder names exported to word/pdf?

    Silly off-the-top-of-my-head suggestion - command window and "dir" command? Can play with "dir" per "dir /?" description until the results are sorta what you want, then redirect output to a file and edit the file. If all drives can't be handled at once then some sort of (nonsimple) merge would...
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    Desktop Start screen icon rolling

    When I am getting ready to log out of my Windows 8.1 system, I click the start flag lower-left to switch to the "Apps" view, then click on my upper-right self and select "Sign Out". If I just click on that upper-right name then simply exit the resulting dialog the desktop icon on the Start...
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    27,000 bytes sent to markmonitor.com - why?

    As most of us know, Windows makes about 479 connections to markmonitor.com for whatever reason it has, none of which seem to be clearly revealed yet (for example, while typing this post my PC has 5 port 443 connections to markmontor.com - one by explorer.exe, one by malwarebytes, and three by...