I have been around computers, since you could say pretty much the days of Home Brew Computing was a household name, and Computer Hacking, meant that you were building or understanding how they worked, which was over 36 years ago.

Built my first computer in 1979 with my father at age 12. Before that, we owned an Exidy Sorcerer in 1978. I grew up around electronics all of my life, due to my father worked for the telephone company, and was in the Air Force as a Radioman.

From 1979 to 1985, I wrote programs in Assembly, Basic, ran one of the few Bulletin Boards in my town. 1983, I wrote one of the first programs in CP/M, that allowed users to dial into a computer, and work with the user at the remote site together.

From there in 1985, left for the U.S. Navy, becoming an Interior Communications Electrician for a brief period.

I got into computer network design and writing batch files, for the early 10Base-T networks in the early 90's, while still running a FidoNet BBS during that time until 1996, which at that time was when the Internet took off, and BBS systems were dying off.

2001 I went to work for Cellular 1 Illinois until 2003, while still running a side business that I still own; that deals with Network design & troubleshooting, computer system consulting, teaching end users about new technologies.

I will live and breathe computing technology for my remaining life, and always looking for ways to incorporate technology into home use, since our day-to-day lives involve technology more than ever.

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