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  1. Brian

    Windows 8 Release Date Possibly Leaked

    New shot!
  2. Brian

    some info soon...

  3. Brian

    Office 2010 Availability

    Outlook 2010 64 bit is sync compatable with Iphone.
  4. Brian

    Is the Seven Forums down?

    Works fine!
  5. Brian

    Win7 and Windows 8 GodModes,the complete list.

    128 bit Some news from Windows 8 AKA "Codename Windows 8". This article is a quoted snippet with the full link attached. " -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- « Windows 8 â?? Next Generation UI and UX...
  6. Brian

    Windows 8 Coming into Focus in 2010.

    Windows Eight Update Here is an update from Code Name. Review the attached image. Regards and happy holidays Adrian
  7. Brian

    Windows 8 Coming into Focus in 2010.

    Microsoft News From Germany Follow this link: http://www.codenamewindows.com/
  8. Brian

    Windows 8 2012.

    Follow this link Follow this link for the latest: http://www.codenamewindows.com/
  9. Brian

    Office 2010

    Its ready, I just completed the download, 749 mb.
  10. Brian

    Inside Bill Gates' real Facebook account

    HAH, you would have more luck playing power ball!
  11. Brian

    Welcome to Eight Forums

    kinky babee!
  12. Brian

    Office 2010

    Office 2010 Beta is being released to the public tomorrow. Check Microsoft Connects.
  13. Brian

    What pet do you have?

    Hog Hunting Florida Style How do you hunt a hog in florida? You get a big un.... The trick is to teach him how to let go....
  14. Brian

    What pet do you have?

    Here Ken, I don't want you to feel no luv!