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    What Are You Listening To? [2]

    I want to party with this girl, this is the nice version too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GATJDE_uZmA
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    Personal Computer Related Memories - I Remember:

    I remember when I was young I had to reinstall windows about 3-4 times every month for about a year.. I just jumped right in blindfolded with an axe & hacked away..Broke a lot, but learned a lot too. Thankfully I learned pretty quickly that if something aint broke don't try to fix it. Now I only...
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    Word Association [10]

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    Which age category do you fall in?

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    Download error The publisher could not be verified

    Ever had this happen? You spend 30 minutes or longer downloading a program or file or whatever only to get to where it has finished downloading,,so,, it should just save to your system,,right? But after all that time waiting & after using all of that bandwidth,, at the very last minute it just...
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    Do you know? Windows 8 contains a similar bug to Vista

    I loved Vista, it's still the fastest OS I have ever used. Back in the Day,,,it was great if you had a system with High enough Specs that would just let it run flat-out. I'm even thinking of re-installing it & breathing some life back into the old girl I still prefer it to 7 & 8 & its only real...
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    Wan't the Old WIN 7 Explore tool-bar back?

    You could,, but where's the fun in that?
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    Windows Defender Cascading Desktop Context Menu - Create in Windows 8

    Nice one, I don't understand why this wasn't included from the outset. By the way, can you right click on a file or folder & choose "Scan with windows Defender"?
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    Solved No System Restore points

    Hi, Well, it has worked for me ,,So far, but you never know what is going to happen next with this OS. SR has been working fine for just over 1 week & I have been able to set it up to do an Auto backup when I uninstall programs & also when the system boots up. But if you have win 7 installed too...
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    Wan't the Old WIN 7 Explore tool-bar back?

    If this is against the rules of this forum, I'm sorry & please delete it. Some people hate the ribbon in Windows 8 Explorer. I can take it or leave it, but I do feel it is less helpful than the old Win 7 style Explorer Menu-bar. Microsoft said that the old style Explorer Menu-bar was gone...
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    Solved No System Restore points

    I have had problems with the win 8 task scheduler not working for anything at all since day one. Everything looked OK, no files where corrupt & no system file where missing, the schedules where correctly setup & there where never any errors saying that a task had-not or could not be run. I...
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    Solved Windows System image backup

    Thanks Windunce, I'm already confident enough to believe what you suggested would work, so confident in fact, that I'm not even going to try it.. But it seems like it would be an awful lot of work to be doing a backup this way so I will stick with Acronis TI for the time being. Doesn't seem...
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    Solved Windows System image backup

    OK, Thanks. It sure sounds like that is what is occurring in this instance. But just to get this straight in my own head,,how come Acronis TI & other image programs don't need to backup the other HDD that contains another System image. Like,, If you use a program like "Acronis TI" It can...
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    Solved Windows System image backup

    OK, I have Win 7 & Win 8 on two separate HDD's (I can choose either OS to run at start-up). So how come when I try to do a system image backup (in widows 8) & choose Win 8 from the list of drives it also locks in the Win 7 drive, which I cannot change? It will not let me just do a System image...
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    Solved No System Restore points

    OK Thanks Guys, I'm having this problem in windows 8 also ( No auto restore points). I have 5 HDD's, one with Win 8 installed & two with Win 7. The other two are storage & backup drives. I have also noticed on my system that even if I create four restore points manually, Win 8 will only keep the...