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    Which driver is installed

    The screenshot shows a list of drivers available on the computer, I have clicked to install, but was highlighted. Which driver was really installed?
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    Windows 8 update to Windows 8.1

    In my desktop came with Windows 8, there is no sticker showing activation code, the only Windows related sticker is a small square sticker with "Windiws 8" printed. The variation might be due to region of sale.
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    Windows 8 update to Windows 8.1

    My device is an oem product and I don‘t have an activation code. What shall I do?
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    Windows 8 update to Windows 8.1

    Is Microsoft still supporting Windows 8.1? If I recover my desktop to Windows 8, can it still be updated to windows 8.1?
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    How to restore a forgotten Wifi Profile

    See this: wireless networking - How to restore a forgotten Wi-Fi network in Windows? - Super User
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    No system sound

    I just note that there is no system sound in my laptop. Could someone please tell me how to get the sound. Please ignore my post, I have made a mistake.
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    WIFI Problems

    Try adjust the setting as shown on the screenshot .
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    Windows 8.1 updates

    About 1 month ago my laptop started not receiving W 8.1 updates, although another device received W 10 and Microsoft Office updates. I tried all methods to repair, but all failed. This morning I reinstalled W 8.1, when windows is freshly installed it is free of errors, and there are lots of...
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    Windows 8.1 updates

    Did Microsoft stopped issuing Windows 8.1 updates?
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    Set battery charging to Conservation Mode

    I have a Lenovo laptop running Windows 8.1, the power management software came with the device allows user to set battery charging to Conservation mode, battery stops charging when up to 65%, I deleted it for it seemed there was bug in it. Is there any free software which can set battery...
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    SFC / SCANNOW result

    I ran a SFC / SCANNOW, there are some files Windows can't fix. What shall I do next?
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    Network keeps disconnecting every now and then

    Try adjust the setting as shown on the pictures. .
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    Wi fi issues

    Does a normal network icon appear in the task bar, i.e, without X or yellow triangle? If a normal network icon apears, the number of devices connected to internet may has exceeded the maximum allowed number set by your ISP.
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    Under what condition the display will be dimmed

    I disabled the "adaptive brightness". I prefer to set the brightness manually at the correct time and to the correct brightness.
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    Under what condition the display will be dimmed

    In the power option user can set the brightness of dimmed display. Is there an option for user to choose under what condition the display will be dimmed?