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    Yosemite upgrade stops Macs with aftermarket SSDs from...

    Well, microsoft actually always was the good guy, its just that nobody loved him. apple always was the bad guy, its just that apple fanboys doesnt think much about it. microsoft only has windows, while apple has osx and its own branded hardware, so its really easy to make osx to work with like...
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    Intel Core i3

    Well, for once, its core i3, and second, do not look at that.
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    Force system file to use nvidia instead of intel

    No, you got it wrong, drivers works, i installed everything correctly, i'm looking for a way(or maybe a hack, a tweak) to run windows itself on nvidia graphics, because by default it runs on intel and using same way to run windows desktop itself with nvidia as running games with nvidia doesnt work.
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    Force system file to use nvidia instead of intel

    So, i have a laptop with optimus graphics (intel/nvidia), and i'm looking for a way to run windows system files with nvidia graphics. Small info : laptop bios doesnt have any settings about optimus graphics, so we are talking about in-windows solutions only. The thing is, that its not only...
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    Latest NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Drivers for Windows 8

    Yeah, as you can see, 344.11 -> 344.48, this release was just a few bugfixes, nothing more.
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    Plz HELP Me About 3d in PHOTOSHOP See Details

    Well, your intel graphics is very old and very weak, so no doubt photoshop doesnt support 3d with it. Drivers for this old intel graphics is downloaded automatically by windows, so the driver is as new as possible. Depending on how important this is, if this is a homework and you are forced to...
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    Need help? Microsoft Stores offer free tech support...

    Yep, i havent seen one around me in thousands of miles :D
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    OT: I think I shall miss this place...

    Well, eightforums always was and is kind of a dead place - nothing bad, but the popularity of windows 8 forums is about the same as popularity of windows 8. Windows 7 still is most popular os and sevenforums is much more popular place. And windows 10 is a joke already, so i wont even try it...
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    64-bit Firefox poised to launch in the near future

    too late, boys. even chrome is now 64 bit :D
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    Hard Drive Reliability Update – Sep 2014

    Nah, thats pure bullshit, its like saying "food, that isnt made for eating". Seagates hdd is like food for homeless people.
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    Solved GTX 980 on 500W PSU - Overclocking query

    Why do you even want to overclock it ??? Its for sure not because 999 fps is not enough for you, so it must be just for fun, so i'd say read some books and learn how to do it :)
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    BIOS-embedded Windows 8 product keys - reinstall troubles?

    Even more so, if i have bought just windows, then it is a real pain in the ass trying to find a good laptop without os. Anyway, all those very confusing licenses are bulls***, and it doesnt work on me, so i do whatever i want :)
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    BIOS-embedded Windows 8 product keys - reinstall troubles?

    Anyway, just buy pc without any os, because it really is bad to buy windows os like 10 times .... Why should i buy it, when i already bought it with my first laptop ?
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    Latest NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Drivers for Windows 8

    Yep, already new beta for devs is out and waiting for a new version, cause this 340.52 wasnt success.
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    The keyboard of the future will know just how you feel

    And if i will smash it just for fun, will it predict that ? :D The point in this keyboard is pressure, is not a very accurrate variable.