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    Updates July 14, 2015

    I was surprised to see Windows Defender updating it's definitions when I have Avast installed (free version). Both are now reported as fully operational and running.
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    Test if you have Superfish, Komodia or PrivDog

    I've had PriviDog installed for sometime now - part of Comodo Firewall. Not really thought too much about it, no advertising noticed anywhere and it appeared to be blocking lots of tracking cookies etc. Firefox popped up tonight with a warning with a tick box to disable the software and as I...
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    Can Windows 8/8.1 run on my Old PC?

    As already pointed out with the ram etc, the motherboard is definately a no no - not even supported by Win 7. ASRock > P4i45GV R5.0 Time to break out the wallet I'm afraid:eek:
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    Solved Windows Media Player? ? ?

    See if anything on this how to link helps now that yo have found the player: Rip and burn CDs - Windows Help
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    TuneUP Utilities ( reviews anyone ? )

    If its just defragging then why not try Defraggler as a stand alone programme. ps I use Glary Utilities - what, me lazy??
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    Firefox 34 Launches With Yahoo As Its Default Search Engin

    What i did too. Well, not really. It did it all by itself :D Just upgraded and no change to the default search engine (as mentioned by others earlier).
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    Latest CCleaner Version Released

    Update: The new version downloaded and installed with no problems. Followed the same installation route as before. Most probably will never find out what all the security alerts were about.
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    Safe Download Site?

    Used to love CNET - been caught out a few time before I realised what was going on. Cnet is accused of bundling malware with downloads- The Inquirer
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    Big Problems please help

    I came to the same conclusion - couldn't find anything on the net about it. Plus Barbee paid a years subscription - eek
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    Big Problems please help

    ignore this one - everything went black and my pants fell down:sleepy: Stupid computers.
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    Some Questions/Clairification Help on Anti-???...

    Always supplement your chosen av with a on-demand anti-malware program i.e malwarebytes, HitmanPro and so on.
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    Solved Coprocessor Not Found 8.1 (Computer Freezes)

    I have an older Asrock N7AD-Sli motherboard which by today's standards is well out of date and not supported by Win 8/8.1. It functions very well on the generic drivers supplied by Windows but no Coprocessor driver - no ill effects from it but it still bugged me. I managed to resolve it by...
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    Internet Explorer 11 now most used web browser in World

    I think you'll find that only 23.77% of people would disagree with you:D
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    Latest CCleaner Version Released

    Thanks David (hope all is well). I'll force a download somehow and see what happens:geek:
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    Latest CCleaner Version Released

    Anyone else had their security software (Avast & Comodo) throw their toys out of their prams with the latest downloads either direct from piriform or filehippo?