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    Windows Phone 8.1 Important Update Available June 24 2015

    Ahhh I had these last week in UK was wondering what they were on my 2 Lumia 530 devices.
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    19 Optional Windows Updates available

    Seem to be getting lots of regular optional updates in the number of teens, Just looked today and I have 19 optional updates for Win 8.1 Update. Anyone know what these updates are because Windows Update certainly dont tell you?
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    Macrium 6 free being pushed as an update

    As above to free users, with auto verification, diff and incremental sets and backup auto file management. :thumb:
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    Solved Bing Bar how do I get rid from IE

    Never mind found it in Programs and Features, now gone.
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    Solved Bing Bar how do I get rid from IE

    Hi Updated my HP printer drivers today after recommended by the Print and Scan Doctor from HP but alas it bundled Bing Bar with it into IE. I goto to Manage Addons and more information but the remove button is greyed out and cant find it in the programs list. Malware bytes doesn't find it and...
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    Windows 8.1 communications apps keep crashing

    Me too. I think its a windows thing. Only problem I can forsee with your solution is that it may not be reported back to MS via action centre, and if a solution is found action centre will not notify you of the fix. I just spent half an hour researching Interactive Detection Service which...
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    Solved Firefox 36.0.1 not showing random images on facebook

    Seems fixed totally in V37.0.1. I ran V36 with hardware acceleration off and enabled in V37 and it seems fixed for me.
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    Video hardware error, or is it?

    MB is currently idling at 50 c but when I do any disk intensive operations its up to 60 c
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    Unmountable Boot Volume Windows 8 Fix

    I would get your files off the HDD while you still can.
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    Video hardware error, or is it?

    I am monitoring the MB sensor and for about 3 minutes I noticed it said 57. I am monitoring in 1 sec steps. I opened the main window and MB was 46 then it started working again.
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    Video hardware error, or is it?

    Tray sensor gets stuck sometimes. Opening and re-minimizing fixes;
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    Windows 8.1 Update 1, PC Settings, PC and Devices crash

    Two devices with yellow flags which I have removed. Desktop version works fine, but still PC settings devices crashes out. I have tried my other machine a desktop also and that sometimes crashes out too.
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    Windows 8.1 Update 1, PC Settings, PC and Devices crash

    Well the success was short lived. It is doing it again, As soon as a goto Devices the window minimizes and when I open it again it restarts PC settings. Tried the Poweshell command but the problem remains, I wonder if it is one of the connected devices?