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    Sticking to 8.1

    Windows 10= Windows 8.1 + Hybrid Start Menu of Windows 7 I did not like the technical preview so I reverted back to 8.1 in 24 hours.
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    Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version for Windows 8

    When I open this in IE , I get a message stating that an "An add on for this website has failed to install". What should I do?
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    I got my WMC through MS when they were giving for free. I tried to revert back to 8.1 by entering my original 8 key. Then I got the above error.
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    I have 8.1+WMC(Already activated).I entered my 8 Pro key and it displayed that it can't be used to activate this version of windows . Is this normal?
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    So my apps are correctly updated?
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    Here are the corresponding screenshots.
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    How did mine update without notification?
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    Even I have the same version. Yes. I tried going to play store and under my apps I selected check for updates and it resulted saying "No updates available" Do u get the store updates regularly? When was the last time u updated ur store apps?
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    Earlier I used to get updates for my apps. But now there are no updates. Am I the only one not getting any updates? Can anyone disclose the version number of the mail app for my reference?
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    Solved Windows GWX icon suddenly disappaered

    I did not do anything. It came by itself
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    Latest Version of Malwarebytes

    i am not getting the link to 2.18. In the site it downloaded 2.16. Can someone post the link to 2.18?
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    Solved Missing GWX Icon

    Exactly. Even some other users got back their icon
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    19 Optional Windows Updates available

    Last week optionals installed. But not the latest ones
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    Solved Windows GWX icon suddenly disappaered

    Same here. It has reappeared :)