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    Microsoft net framework 3.5

    Net frame work 3.5 is an add-on, to install go to (Control Panel) then Select (Uninstall a program) then select (turn windows features on or off) http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/6632-windows-features-turn-off-windows-8-a.html Check the check box and ok it will install...
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    Solved Email program for Desktop?

    best ever is "IncrediMail"
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    Free Scanners (Not Active Protection) For Windows 8

    Best of all is "clamwin portable"
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    Mobile USB modem

    Have you tried compatibility mod for (xp)…
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    Unwanted Error Box: License

    I would try uninstalling Microsoft Office and reinstalling it again…
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    Solved Deleting programs after Windows 8 refresh

    Then it is ok to just delete them…
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    Solved Deleting programs after Windows 8 refresh

    All programs have a uninstall option. Removed by going through control panel Programs and Features or by going to folder in (program folder or program folder x86) and looking for uninstaller... (windows mail) if on the start screen right hand click on it to get uninstall option
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    What to consider when buying a Home Theater?

    Logitech surround sound speaker system…
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    Solved Deleting programs after Windows 8 refresh

    What programs are you trying to uninstall?
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    Solved Deleting programs after Windows 8 refresh

    Go to control Panel select (Programs and Features) Right hand click on program to uninstall…
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    How bad is the pc market ? Analysts count the ways

    Converted Mac users
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    Handbrake and Win 8

    Handbrake dos not copy all commercial DVD’s… On the other hand DVDFab dos copy 99.9% of commercial DVD’s in windows…
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    Solved VLC?

    Mac = calculator
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    Need imaging software

    I got (Paragon) free from a posting on the 8 forum…
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    Need imaging software

    (Paragon) works just fine…