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    Last Letter Game [3]

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    Word association [3]

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    Keep One Change One [3]

    linguistic symbols
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    Last Letter Game [3]

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    Dell Integrated Webcam?

    That's curious. Which version of Windows 8 are you running?
  6. Avalon

    Windows Basic theme improved (a bit)

    It's very weird you're seeing that, because I am seeing absolutely no transparency with the Basic theme, hence it being called the Basic theme. Perhaps there is something wrong with your driver?
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    Keep One Change One [3]

    Big country
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    Immersive Firefox

    I'll look forward to it, but it won't be at least for another few Windows 8 versions... I think. It all depends on how successful the immersive IE is, really.
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    What annoys you? [2]

    Waking up reasonably early, but reading the clock as really late and absolutely freaking out
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    Word association [3]

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    Windows 8 Jump Lists for Metro Apps - Secondary Tiles

    That's very cool. I imagine we will have live tiles of our Facebook feeds soon. :)
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    Random Paradoxes

    recursion - Google Search Possibly one of the coolest paradoxes ever. :P
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    Problem with svchost

    Thanks, I will download it and keep it for when it happens again. :)
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    Problem with svchost

    So uh... I'm using my computer for many hours... and finally notice that I am using 4GB of RAM... on idle. Everything seems to be running as normal... Any ideas at what this could be? Edit: I tried to create a dump but it was taking too long, so I cancelled it, and noticed that the same...