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  1. astelin

    Older Games non running on win 8.1

    Hey, Ive had many BS problems like this before. I can still run Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on my Windows 8.1 laptop without any issues. But other games such as you mentioned will need to run in compatibility mode running in Administrator mode. i see you have tried it and it has caused...
  2. astelin

    how do i delete saved data of games after unstalling them?

    Usually, Game Data is stored in Documents. My steam games and CD games store there. I might be wrong, But check anyways. AppData is another one, If you go down to your task bar > Toolbars > Explorer. (Or search "Run") Type %APPDATA% in the explorer and press ENTER. You should find the Ice age...
  3. astelin

    Can my PC run Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare?

    Dude, My specs are similar and im on a laptop. It runs on Automatic settings and i get 50-70 fps. No lag, even when online.
  4. astelin

    Can my laptop run GTA V?

    Sure, The recommended and minimum specifications have not been released yet, But predicted specifications are quite similar. I highly doubt you would need for example: 2x GTX 980's to run it on high. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare runs at around 70 FPS on my laptop on Automatic settings, even...
  5. astelin

    Windows 8.1 wants to update, but it dosent want to as well

    Tried it all multiple times. Will do a few more time incase anyways.
  6. astelin

    Windows 8.1 wants to update, but it dosent want to as well

    You obviously have not read everything i wrote. Read it again. Ive already got windows 8.1 thats not the issue.
  7. astelin

    Windows 8.1 wants to update, but it dosent want to as well

    I have really come to the final straw where i really just want to break this so called computer. It all started a few months ago, When all my windows 8.1 apps wouldnt work online and i couldnt use a microsoft account on the computer. I seen that it was windows update and it has alot of updates...