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    Solved Good Windows 8 Remote Control for Keyboard and Mouse

    Hi, if you still have your Android phone or tablet you can use Vectir Remote Control. I am successfully using this for controlling the mouse and keyboard on a Windows 8 touch screen computer. It has a dedicated keyboard and mouse driver which will make it work on any Windows PC. It also works...
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    Windows cannot find regedit need HELP!

    I had this problem recently. My fix is on this page (Step 3 PATH environment variable was messed up) How to fix Windows cannot find regedit.exe error
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    Windows homegroup problems.

    Hmm, I have been experiencing a problem with Windows accounts and auto-updates. Not exactly the same problem as you but my problem is that Windows 8 would start automatically logging into my guest account after an update. I couldn't really find an answer other than deleting/recreating the guest...
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    Audio buzzing during certain games

    Check to see if your hard drive is mounted securely. Your hard drive will be under increased load when first loading games.
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    Solved Windows Signing into Guest Account after Update

    I've just been talking to someone who had the same problem and solved it be deleting the guest account, letting the next Windows update do its thing then re-creating the guest account. I will give that a go for now.
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    Solved Windows Signing into Guest Account after Update

    Hello all, I have a very annoying problem where Windows auto-signs into my guest account after each update. I have two users accounts setup, my account (password protected) and guest account (no password). When Windows gives the option of "Shutdown and restart" or when it has pending updates it...