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    Solved Can't merge back my partition after windows 8.1

    okay quick question, I am also in the same boat, regarding the problem OP is having. You are suggesting 3rd party partition manager to merge it. Is it not possible to merge it using Disk management? Because thats the tool I used to divide two partitions. Also I had a very bad experience with...
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    Okay will try that. The Device that are connected to usb are USB mouse and ZTE AC2739 3G Dongle but sold by Reliance Communications. This way the Driver is nowhere to be found.
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    Thanks for looking into this issue. What do you mean by 40 updates?? Is it about windows update?? because it won't download from the Control panel thingy. Do you have any link to download them through browser? Also the Lenovo driver you mentioned seems not there on Lenovo site too. I mailed the...
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    Hi Guys, I am getting BSOD crashes randomly while plugging my 3G USB dongle(although not in all occasions). Although sometimes it doesn't get crashed. At first I thought outdated Drivers mighty be the problem, so i updated all my drivers. But still the problem isn't solved. It is to be noted...
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    Taskbar Lagging While USB tethering

    Hi all, I am Using Windows 8.1 (Update 1). Whenever I connect My android Mobile to USB and activate USB tethering, the Whole taskbar becomes slow and lagging. Though I can click them, it takes 5-10 Seconds to Switch to other programs.However alt+tab switches to other program with ease. Pressing...
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    Solved Num Lock is always Off while Startup

    Sry couldn't rep you, on tapatalk :(
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    Solved Num Lock is always Off while Startup

    It worked. Thanks
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    An App/Software to Automate Mouse Click

    No, that's not what I meant. There's no text field actually. After I click connect, the internet is connected and the button changes to disconnect. The connection often drops and I have to press connect button each time to connect and this my problem. I want to simulate the mouse click when the...
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    An App/Software to Automate Mouse Click

    Hi All, I want to Simple App/Software Mouse Click to Simulate Mouse Click on a button in A Window. The Window is and the button is Connect. I want to simulate the click when ever the button text is connect other wise no click is made. Is there any app/software/script to my need ?
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    Solved Num Lock is always Off while Startup

    Hi Guys, I have win 8.1.1 Installed. And I use my PIN to login to my Laptop. But every time i need to manually turn on the NUM LOCK. Is there a settings or registry hack to keep it on While start-up ?
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    Keep One Change One [11]

    Black Car
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    Solved Wrong Screen Resolution

    It's Just 15" laptop when I set to 100% its just fine for me. But others are complaining that the txt is too small.
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    What Would Be The Next Xbox Called?

    Xbox one point one
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    How to downgrade Windows store apps

    Hi, Greetings to all When I bought my Windows 8 laptop, I liked the Windows photos app which was default to view photos. The main feature I liked in that was a slideshow feature which shows collection of pics in a single frame similar to this. (for better understanding I attached image of...