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    I believe Win 8 is going to be another Windows Vista

    As I work with OEM I can back this up. OS is billed on a customer activation basis not on how many machines you have built. OEMs only pay for what is used by the consumer after point of sale.
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    I believe Win 8 is going to be another Windows Vista

    Way back when Windows 95 introduced the Start button, I saw the same arguments in reverse. In Windows 3.1, we did the equivalent of pinning by putting the app's launch icon on the desktop or in a folder (like fences does). There was a huge controversy when the Start button was introduced...
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    not able to open store and pc settings

    Has windows 8 activated yet. Can take up to 4 hours.
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    BIOS-embedded Windows 8 product keys - reinstall troubles?

    No but you might be able to replace the bios chip with a none windows enabled one. But why? As it is only a key/table for the software and windows has had this in OEM bioses since xp. It's just encrypted for windows 8. It's not like this is new.
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    BIOS-embedded Windows 8 product keys - reinstall troubles?

    No this only applies to OEM windows. where it can not be removed from bios. Retail versions do not add OA3 to the bios. They generate a hardware hash with the supplied key.
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    BIOS-embedded Windows 8 product keys - reinstall troubles?

    OA3tool generates this at build as well as all needed hardware hashes etc. The OA3 is stored in a section of the BIOS that is marked as locked to prevent changes (unlike the slic tables for older windows). And so is not included in the flashable bioses from the manufacturer.
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    assassin's creed 3 hair glich

    Welcome. :) I have not seen this on AC3 could you tell us your system specs and what version graphics drivers you are using?
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    Post your Start Screen!

    WIP but getting the hang of it.
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    Windows 8 ntoskrnl.exe BSoD

    Return your bios to stock speeds and setting and retest. Should show if it's a hardware problem. Although looking at some of the screenies looks like an OC issue. But at least it will rule faulty HW in or out.
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    So, I'm Windows 7 Free

    Look out for that large random chunk of rock............ or the fact that we are nasty to each other (wars)........ or the fact that that some bug/virus could do the job for us...... or that fact that our messing around with the climate/bugs/viruses could do it to ourselves......... NB. just...
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    Is Start Menu really matter?

    I am going to show my age now but these arguments are no different to when we went from 3.11 to 95..... No file menu.... no option menu..... no window menu.... World still survived. .......
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    BSOD issues (RAR Included)

    If it has been a while since the OC what are your temps like? Might just need your cooler repasting.
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    BSOD issues (RAR Included)

    Whea errors are reported in event viewer and are hardware errors. Is your system overclocked? (Cpu/gpu) Have you checked your drivers are up to date and correct.
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    Windows 8 moves to BIOS-based product keys

    Made with Microsoft's deployment tools (ADK) for win 8. Not a tool to play around with, but very good for deploying multiple exact copys of an OS.
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    Windows 8 moves to BIOS-based product keys

    Ok after a nice chat with with someone in the know here is the deal: Standard retail discs (system builder) has no EI.cfg file and so will install whatever version it see's in the bios (if it see's nothing it will prompt for key). You can then Use the supplied key in add features...